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Support for roster/section based delivery



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      This ticket encapsulates all work done by Western University to support roster/section based delivery. It includes the following items (screenshots attached below for some of the various features):

      • Evaluations can now be assigned to individual sections/rosters or sites (the default is still site based)
        • This is controlled by a checkbox on the settings page for an evaluation
        • Section based evaluations resolve to a user's section role, rather than site role
        • Only students, instructors and assistants from the selected sections are picked up (rather than their parent sites). In effect, students only evaluate instructors of the section they belong to, rather than all instructors in the parent site
      • A new report format is available for XLS, CSV and PDF exported results, for both section and site based evaluations
        • There is now a checkbox in the reporting interface to control which format the exports obey
      • Several issues with the CSV export have been fixed:
        • Force I.E. to download the file instead of displaying it in the frame (as a blank grey screen)
        • Added headers to the CSV export
        • Sometimes, the file had no file extension or had a .pdf file extension
        • The title of the file was sometimes truncated
      • Implemented default sorting for XLS and CSV reports
      • The concept of hierarchy node 'rules' has been introduced
        • Administrate (create, delete, update) hierarchy node rules via the 'Administrate Hierarchy' interface
        • 'Rules' are text based criteria used to filter the list of available sites/sections a user can release evaluations to
        • You can assign any number of rules to any node in the Hierarchy
        • Rules can be applied to either section or site titles, and use the following qualifiers:
          • Section or site title starts with, ends with, contains or is a given string
        • Once you've granted the "Assign Evaluation" permission to a user for a given hierarchy node, when they go to release an evaluation they will only be presented with a list of sites or sections that meet the "rules" for their hierarchy node
      • Administrate Hierarchy UI changes:
        • A new column has been introduced in the hierarchy table for "Assigned Rules"
        • In the "Modify Node Permissions" UI, the 'new' form row has been moved to the top of the table for accessibility reasons
      • The "Select Groups" UI has been modified to include some new buttons for ease of use: Select All, Select None and Cancel
      • When taking an evaluation, you are taken away from the main Sakai "frame". On submission of the evaluation, you are returned to the Eval Dashboard, but there is no obvious way to either get back to the main Sakai context or log out. As such, "Logout of {ui.service}

        " and "Return to My Workspace" links have been added to the navBar to address this issue

      • Previous to this PR, you're not warned until the very last screen that "You may adjust the groups assigned to this evaluation up to the start date of the evaluation (<closeDate>)."
        • This message is wrong, and displayed in the wrong interface
        • It is now displayed to the user earlier, beside the link to modify assigned groups for the evaluation, and the wording has been updated to be more accurate:
          • "You may add more assigned groups to the evaluation at any time, however you can only remove assigned groups up to the start date of the evaluation ( {0}


      This PR also contains a fix for the Expert Item Groups interface not working properly (JavaScript issue).

      The following sakai.properties have been introduced (defaults preserve original functionality):

      • evalsys.report.new.style.default=true/false (default is false)
      • evalsys.section.aware.default=true/false (default is false)
      • evalsys.results.sharing.default=owner/private/visible/shared/public (default is visible)
      • evalsys.instructor.view.responses.default=true/false (default is true)

      Conversion scripts to migrate from EvalSys 1.4 to 11 have been introduced for Oracle and MySQL:

      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/conversion/mysql/eval-1.4_to_eval-11.sql
      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/conversion/oracle/eval-1.4_to_eval-11.sql

      The auto.ddl scripts have been updated:

      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/db2/evaluation.sql
      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/derby/evaluation.sql
      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/hsqldb/evaluation.sql
      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/mssql/evaluation.sql
      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/mysql/evaluation.sql
      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/oracle/evaluation.sql
      • sakai-evaluation-impl/src/ddl/postgres/evaluation.sql

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