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Flexible selection of instructors & TAs


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2
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      (This issue is dependent on EVALSYS-345, i.e. assumes a TA category which behaves like an Instructor category.)

      Courses at UCT may have between 1 and 10 lecturers, and up to 80 TAs (for very large courses). Evaluations are typically set up by a course convenor or admin staff. However, the instructors (and TAs) cannot be automatically determined by users who have the appropriate roles/permissions in the site, for various reasons, e.g.

      For instructors:

      • The evaluation (which may be delivered mid-term) may not include all of the users in the site with the instructor role (e.g. because some instructors may not have taught students yet)
      • Some courses are structured so that different cohorts of students are taught by different instructors (a grouping which may not be reflected in the site in any way)

      We therefore need a manual way for the evaluation owner to select the instructor(s) and TA(s) to be included in the evaluation, with various delivery options.

      The UI should be something like this for each assigned group (course):

      Instructors to include in this evaluation: (multi-select list box or equivalent UI pre-populated with users in the site who have be_evaluated.instructor permission)
      Include (radio box, i.e. select one option only):

      • A section for each selected instructor
      • One instructor section only, where the student chooses the instructor who applies to him/her

      TAs to include in this evaluation: (multi-select list box or equivalent UI pre-populated with users in the site who have be_evaluated.ta permission)
      Include (radio box, i.e. select one option only):

      • A section for each selected TA
      • One TA section only, where the student chooses the TA who applies to him/her

      Some use case descriptions at:

      Implementation Notes:
      This will require us to store a listing of all participants (takers, evaluatees, TAs, etc.) for each evaluation. This listing will be used when determining who is allowed to take the eval, who should be evaluated, what group they are associated with, etc. This means a new table needs to be added and the login around checking memberships and doing counts and stats needs to be changed (i.e. this is a far reaching change)

      • All participants will be stored when the eval is first created
        • There will be an option to sync the list when the eval starts (i.e. add/remove users based on current group enrollments before sending the "start" email)
      • When setting up the eval the user will be able to choose groups from Sakai like normal, adhoc groups, or simply add users by email/username (requires selecting the associated group if there is one?), the final listing will be shown as normal but with "adhoc added users" as a separate listing
      • Optionally, owner will be allowed to remove/add users to the overall listing at any time until the eval is closed
        • removals will be tracked until the eval start so that the sync does not re-add them
      • Participants will be linked to a group always (should there be an option to add unassociated users?)
      • The listing of participants will be broken up into evaluatees, TAs, and then takers in that order when viewed
      • Owners can manipulate this listing directly or add existing groups into the listing by selecting them (this interface needs to be designed)
      • The existing permission PERM_ASSIGN_EVALUATION will be used properly after this change - indicates that a user can select the group from the list when creating evaluations but should not be included in the list of evaluatees (automatically anyway)
      • Data Model: groupId, userId, role (take/be/TA), removed (T/F), id, created. lastModified, owner

      The selections will be stored with each eval for defaults and then with each assign group for override and checking. Checks should be made using the utility which is referred to in EvalAssignGroup. The selections made by the user should be stored in the response using the setSelection method in EvalResponse. These will be checked and used for filtering required items when the response is validated and stored. The selections will be available later on for retrieval is desired.

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