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Add ability to setup a gradebook in one site that includes all associated sections for a course - parent/child relationship for GB


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      A revised explanation of the request. Case study is a large introductory science course where one instructor defines syllabus, scheudle, resources and some grades (e.g., for lectures required of all students). This is referred to, in our environmetn, as the "uniform course grade." Individual sections of this course (e.g., labs, discussions, etc.) are handled by GSI's who are given full control for the activities required to attain a grade in that section. Each GSI may assign different activities - in content, frequency, and/or grading schema.

      Our instructors have suggesed that ideally there would be a "supersite" in Ctools that allows some information about a class to be "pushed down" to all (e.g., syllabus, etc.) and that provides a "container" for the grading that's uniform. This "supersite" would be able to incorporate the grades from each sub-site (section 1, section 2, etc.) in order to incorporate them into the supersite's eventual final grade.

      UM acknowleded that this may be well outside the scope of GB2 and would be interested in knowing other ways to accomplish the same activities - either within Ctools or in Sakai OAE? Sue will communicate with others and, if appropriate, close this ticket.

      Retaining the previous wording on this ticket:A lecture section may have 20 associated lab sections. The lab sections may be headed by 4 different Assistants, each with 5 lab sections. The Lec instructor would like to be able to view all grades for all labs, compare grading practices across Assistants for a given GB entry or cumulative grades for students in their labs. The reporting/comparing issue is tracked under other Jiras. This Jira has to do with setting up the relationship between site GBooks (and not intending a more generalized site hierarchy capability). One thought is to use the current pseudo hierarchy which gives a parent/child relationship via site properties. Automating that to 1) discover likely sub sites based on a parent (e.g. lecture) site and add the site properties to establish the relationship, and 2) make GB2 aware of the site properties to expose add'l UI to allow choosing one or more sub site GBs for display in the Lecture site's GBook.

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