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Make the returns from FormattedText content scans configurable (silent, quiet, noisy) to allow parity with all other major LMSs



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    • Affects Version/s: 2.9.x
    • Fix Version/s: 10.0
    • Component/s: Kernel
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      Currently the FormattedText processing always returns a very wordy list of errors that are dumped on screen (sometimes). This is actually different from literally every other LMS. The rest of them silently strip dangerous content without even a warning.

      The suggestion is that there be 3 levels of output. Tools would simply dump whatever was returned from the method as before but the method would return nothing when in silent mode.
      (1) silent - just clean it
      (2) quiet - small notice which can be optionally expanded to show all the errors
      (3) noisy - all errors in a big ol box

      Noisy would be the the same as the current operation in announcements.
      Silent would be the same as the current operation in Forums.
      NOTE: Tools in Sakai are NOT consistent in the way they handle this so there should be another ticket to handle this consistently.

      IMPL notes:
      content.cleaner.errors.handling = none|logged|return|notify|display (Default: notify)

      • none - errors are completely ignored and not even stored at all
      • logged - errors are output in the logs only
      • return - errors are returned to the tool (legacy behavior)
      • notify - user notified about errors using a non-blocking JS popup
      • display - errors are displayed to the user using the new and fancy JS popup
        content.cleaner.errors.display = true|false (false by default)

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