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add permission for use by reviewer



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      A department wants to add members of a review committee to a site as students, so they can see the course as a student. Depending upon how much the instructor uses release control, a student may not be able to see much of the course.

      I'm adding a permission "see all" that can be added to the usual student permissions. It bypasses all release controls but otherwise doesn't change anything.

      However we still have release control on tests and assignments, so this only solves my part of the problem.


      A test involves testing all the release control mechanisms. That means setting all the different ways you can restrict access to a page in page settings, and also setting up prerequisite for an item. You'll also want to check group restrictions for both a page and an item.

      The cleanest would be as an administrator to create a role that is a copy of the student role but with lessons.seeall set. But you can also add seeall to the student role using the permissions tool in Lessons. Basically without seeall the permissions restrictions should work. With seeall you should see everything.

      I have patched the way lessons accesses files. However someone with seeall won't bypass release controls in tests and assignments. There's one other issue I can't fix: if the instructor sets a page "hide", it removes it from the left margin except for site updaters. Nothing I do in lessons can affect the way the left margin works. So if the instructors have hidden pages, they won't be in the left margin. However if you have seeall you can still access them through index of pages.

      I have yet to see how useful this is actually going to be. To do what it's supposed to we'd have to patch all the other tools to have similar features.

      To show the reviewer what is going on. when seeall is set they will see the same annotations that the instructor does to show when there are prequesuite and group restrictions.

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