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Further Improve the Performance of the Email Archive and Message API




      This will build on SAK-11544 and SAK-12837. The idea is to add an even better feature to the Message API and then modify the MailArchive tool to use this new API. The improvements will support flexible filtering, sorting, and paging all in a single query object. This will be done in a very similar manner to the GenericDAO search pattern that is currently in use by Aaron Z.

      Once the API changes are made and the MailTool is modified to use the new APIs and the data is reorganized and the implementation makes all of the queries efficient, the MailArchive tool will use little or no Session state at all. This also means that the MailArchive tool will have REST-like URLs that capture navigation state instead of using Session state to handle navigation state.

      Once this pattern is in place, it can be used to improve the performance and reduce the session state load of the Message API family of Sakai tools. If that work is undertaken, it will be in separate JIRAs.

      This is targeted for 2.6 and will require a database conversion to split out data from the XML into columns. Since there is a conversion involved - there is no plan to back-port this (even to the 2-5-x branch) - it is targeted for 2.6.

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