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Create top level directory for IMS Services in Sakai



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      I would like to create a new top level directory in the Sakai Source tree to capture common code around the support for IMS capabilities in Sakai. I would name this new top level directory "ims" (without the quotes of course).

      Initially, this will be pretty simple utility classes and services. If we propose to add any new tools, they will be done as separate JIRAs and the community will have a chance to render an opinion on any IMS specific tool moving into trunk.

      The initial code will be focused on Simple Learning Tools Interoperability - and just be extractions of utility code from several places. As an example, the code to make the REST based call to resolve an IMS LTI placement will be used in a classic tool as well as a future MyCamTools widget, and someday be used in Melete, Sousa, etc etc. It would be a real shame to replicate this code separately in each of these tools.

      While each of these tools is outside the build - the best place to capture the code that they collectively depend on is in the build.

      This will have no effect on the build until the tools that make use of these services start to be deployed. This allows tool development to continue independently in contrib and elsewhere but allows those tools to depend on code in the main svn.

      The initial committers will be Katherine Edwards, Anthony Whyte, Mark Norton, Zach Thomas, and me. Others are welcome to have commit if there is interest - I will likely be doing most of the initial development in this area.

      Again this is following the pattern we have set in several new areas like JCR and preferable and entitybroker - start new efforts with small services and utility classes in the trunk to avoid too much code being spread to the four corners of our source tree.

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