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Make the Manage Status function in Matrices and Wizards Group Aware




      Currently the Manage Status feature in Matrices and Wizards is limited to either the current user only or all users. There are times when it would be convenient to be able to change the status of all members of a specfic group. This need, in fact, is more common for us at IU than the need to change the status for all users. As an example, we have a project in which all student work is submitted by way of assignment linkiing. Students do not interact directly with their matrix, but an assessment coordinator evaluates the work in specific cells. She would like to be able to put all students in a specific group (in this case, a specific class) into pending status so that all the items that need evaluation will display in the evaluations tool.

      We propose adding an option to the Manage Status feaure that allows status changes to affect all users in a specific group. We have already implemented this feature in our local instance. A screenshot is attached.

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