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Gradebook - Student Grade Report - items assigned to groups in Tests & Quizzes, Assignments, and Forums should only appear to group members



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      We would like the student grade report in the Gradebook to recognize group membership. We're not talking about filtering an instructor view. Instead, we're talking about excluding any gradebook items from the student view (the grade report) if they are not a member of the group for that item.

      EXAMPLE USE CASE: The immediate use case relates to tests administered in Tests & Quizzes where there is one version of an exam for the class (let's say "Test A") plus an extra version that offers additional time for select students with authorization from our student disabilities office (let's say "Test B"). Currently, the gradebook displays both versions of the test to all students. Our professors want students only to see their own versions. So, if a tool links to the gradebook and the item is released to one or more groups, then that gradebook item should only display to members of those groups. In this example, the tool is Tests & Quizzes. But this should be flexible so that any tool, such as Assignments, Forums, etc., would also be compatible.

      BENEFITS: It will create a much more streamlined grade report for the students. Also, it will also will reduce the chance for student confusion or even panic. For the latter, some students may wonder if they missed an exam or part of an exam when they see multiple versions of an exam (and they have no scores!). Another benefit is that if we reduce student confusion/panic, we also improve the lives of our faculty (less to explain/clarify).

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