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Deprecate WAS/DB2-related code and scripts



    • Type: Task
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.8.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.9.0
    • Component/s: Global, WAS
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      Currently the DB2 conversion scripts are incomplete. In addition, Earle Nietzel of Marist, mentioned in an email on the dev list a couple of weeks ago that "IBM WebSphere support is not going past 2.6.x and should probably not be used since bugs will not be fixed."

      I wrote Howard Baker at IBM and requested clarification regarding IBM's current commitment regarding Sakai CLE Websphere/DB2 support. He replied that he is "working with the higher ed strategy team within IBM to determine what our focus should be for Sakai in 2011. I should have a better idea in about a month. At that point I will be able to give you a more definitive answer. Right now our focus is on resolving some issues with Sakai 2.7.1 and the IBM JDK/JRE."

      Unfortunately, resolution of the question will occur only after the expected release of sakai-2.8.0 on 31 March 2010. This means that at present the sakai-2.8.0 WAS module and it's companion DB2 conversion script are unsupported. Presently, given the state of the DB2 conversion script, no one can perform a successful DB2 upgrade from 2.7.1 to 2.8.0

      The situation is mitigated somewhat by the absence of any known Sakai CLE production instances running Websphere/DB2. Neither John Bush nor myself are aware of any production instances. Two weeks ago I polled both the production and dev lists regarding Websphere/DB2 production instances. Thus far I have received no replies.

      At the same time the absence of any known production installations raises questions regarding the suitability of the WAS module as a core CLE project. It may well make sense to move the project out of the release and re-designate it a Contrib project where it can be maintained by interested community members independent of CLE release timelines--but that is not for me to decide.


      1. Do nothing other than state in the release notes that the WAS module and Db2 conversion scripts are unsupported and not tested. The hope here is that support will be forthcoming in time for 2.8.1.

      2. Consider the WAS module deprecated and state in the release notes that it will be removed as of 2.9.0 if community members are unwilling to support it. If support materializes after 2.8.0 is released the status of WAS can be reviewed and changed.

      3. Remove the WAS module from trunk and 2.8.x and relocate it to contrib along with Db2 conversion scripts.

      Option no. 2 most closely resembles past practice but others may hold a different opinion on how the current situation should be handled.


      At a minimum an audit should be conducted of all projects for WAS/DB2-related code and scripts in case removal from core is approved.

      The audit is done.

      Please check sub-tasks and dependecies.

      The only code found that cannot fit in those is:
      genericdao/src/main/java/org/sakaiproject/genericdao/springjdbc/translators/DB2Translator.java, used in genericdao/src/main/java/org/sakaiproject/genericdao/springjdbc/JdbcGenericDao.java
      DBTYPE_DB2 in genericdao/src/main/java/org/sakaiproject/genericdao/api/translators/DatabaseTranslator.java
      DBTYPE_DB2 in genericdao/src/main/java/org/sakaiproject/genericdao/api/mappers/DataMapper.java

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