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Assignment grading/commenting is applied to the wrong student when multiple instructors grade the same assignment



    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Critical
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.7.1
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    • Component/s: Assignments
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      Related to SAK-14937 but this ticket will hopefully provide more details and clarity.

      Instructors have reported that assignments will occasionally associate a comment or a grade with a different student than the instructor is currently "grading". Attempts to reproduce this have generally failed but we are getting more reports like the one below so it seems there might be something to this.
      This is not related to having one user with multiple windows open but instead seems to be related to having 2 users (an instructor and TA) both grading students from the same assignment (though not the same students).
      I think that assignments should support the case of allowing multiple users to grade students in the same assignment at the same time AND possibly even grade the same student at the same time without data loss or corruption.

      "A few concerns over Sakai have emerged over the last few days with the
      big mid-term grading job. The main one is that the grading facility
      on the "Assignments" tab does not appear to be very stable. We have
      had a couple of cases of comments simply disappearing. The particular
      difficulty is the "Instructor Summary Comments" box. Another really
      bizarre variation of this is that comments on one student,
      allison.student1, disappeared only to be replaced by the
      comments for the very similarly named student alison.student2.
      And the student2 grade of 96 showed up in student1 box where it had been

      I'm cc-ing this to my TA ---------------- who has experienced some of
      these glitches. We were discussing the fact that there is the rather
      troubling warning at the top of each of these pages, "Important
      Reminder: Please do not grade assignments with multiple browser
      windows or tabs. Only grade assignments and navigate the system with
      one browser window." We wondered whether these issues may have arisen
      when more than one of us has been on those pages at the same time.
      Given the size of the class and the number of assignments to grade at
      once, it is inevitable that often more than one of us will be using
      the site at the same time, so this may be a feature of Sakai, or of
      our iteration of Sakai, that we need to look at."

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