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allow categorized display of "more" sites control without dhtmlMore panel



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    • Affects Version/s: 2.8.0
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      The <select> used in the "more sites" portal navigation is a flat list. Use existing categorization (term, site type, other) to produce a categorized select using <optgroup> to generate an easier to parse list.

      Here are some summary notes from a Matt Jones email:
      Gonzalo did some initial feasibility research and modified the .vm based on the DHTML more work. This seems like a really quick implementation because of that.

      Yea, the only thing I'm not sure about is the term order.
      We'd for sure want it to be in correct term order, with the project and other sites on the bottom.

      I think the term order can be manually controlled by a property (portal.term.order) but this is annoying having to add new terms every semester.
      All that is controlled in

      However, we also have the academic sessions in the database (getAcademicSessions), and it is sorted because of "ORDER BY START_DATE ASC". In the edu-services (the default), it's also sorted by start date, so I think this would be a good change to make too.
      . . .
      // The federated list should be sorted by start date.
      Collections.sort(resultSet, startDateComparator);


      • Add a new property (portal.use.term.more ?) to get the java code to generate the dhtml more data for this drop down.
      • Optional: We could use a catch all property like: portal.use.more = dhtml/term/standard to make it easier if we plan to add more, and since you can really only have one and have it look good.
      • Optional: Add a site property incase someone really wants the old version, but I think we could just go all in on this.
      • Add some code to the .vm to display either the regular dropdown or the portal.use.term.more dropdown (Gonzalo already did most of this)
      • Add some code to MoreSiteViewImpl to use the sorted output from CourseManagementService.getAcademicSessions as the initial sort order rather than the property (if the property isn't defined)

      See attachment

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