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Resources should support drag and drop uploads



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      The desire is to have file drag and drop support (like in gmail) in the resources tool in Sakai. Ideally supporting multiple files.

      AZ assessment:
      My quick assessment is that the approach seems OK and modular enough
      to backport when people want to. I think multiple file upload would be
      a real leap forward if that's possible.

      We might want to consider a property to enable or disable it but
      that's only if there are cases where it might not work (like certain
      browsers or file types).

      It also looks like this does its own zip file handling. That should
      probably be removed.

      From John Bush:
      So there was a little licensing hiccup with the javascript library we
      are using, http://valums.com/ajax-upload/. I spoken with the
      developer and he's super cool, and going to add the MIT license to his
      list. The MIT license is compatible with Sakai:

      If you haven't seen the demo, check it out here:

      Unfortunately I ramble on way too long at the beginning, just fast
      forward over all the crap. Was feeling lonely and chatty I guess,
      talking to a computer, so sad.

      The patch is attached. What is still needed is an ability to do more
      than one file at once, and probably a switch to turn this feature off.
      I think those are pretty quick things to work out. I'd like to
      understand more how this is related to other projects in the works.

      To turn this feature on include:


      in your sakai.properties file (defaults to false)

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