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Page Order -> Hide/Disable not working as expected for some tools




      I was testing the new "lock" (disable) feature to see the differences between disable and hide. Disable is not behaving as expected, in most cases it works exactly as "hide". When accessing a hidden/disabled tool through Lessons, I found assignments and forums were the only tools that were truly disabled if I disabled them in Page Order.

      *Need to note that I uploaded files directly to Resources as the instructor, not through Lessons.

      Hide/Disable work the same:
      Menu items are hidden from user
      Resources: with the URL to the resources folder/item, the student is able to browse the folder if default permissions were not altered in Resources, hiding the folder/item.
      Resources through LessonBuilder: the resource is available if the instructor adds the resource to Lessons

      Tests & Quizzes through LessonBuilder: available to students if the instructor adds the quiz to Lessons

      Announcements: displays on the Home page under Recent Announcements

      Forums: displays "New in Forums" on the Home page, even though Forums are not accessible from here

      Differences between Hide/Disable:
      Assignments through LessonBuilder: Hide allows access, Disable displays "Site Unavailable" to students
      Forums through LessonBuilder: Hide allows access, Disable displays "Site Unavailable" to students
      Polls using the URL: Hidden allows access with the URL, Disabled displays "Site Unavailable" to students

      Since there are currently no help files associated with these options, it is a little confusing what can be expected from each option for the instructor, especially when in a lot of cases the behavior is the same for hide and disable.

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