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Conditional release not working properly




      Feel free to add yourself as a student to the following site and verify what you are able to see:
      LS0208 101 A Spring 2012: https://qa29.longsight.com/portal/site/3cb4d2fa-b01f-4cf8-a598-493d4704fb9c

      Go to My Workspace, click on Membership, click on Joinable Sites at the top, search for LS0208 101 A Spring 2012, click Join

      I'm uploading the initial conditions I set for the GB items, along with screen shots of the GB item -> condition, and chart of what student sees. I used a different image associated with each GB item to make it easy to check what the student sees.

      Conditions that fail:
      "is not released to students" : the item is not available to students even though the GB item is not released to students

      "grade is blank": this is not available to students even though the grade is blank

      "due date has passed"/"due date has not passed": changing the date on one of these GB items affects access for both GB items, even if the second one was never edited

      "grade is less than:": if the student has a score equal to what "less than" is, the item is available - this should be renamed "grade is less than or equal to:"

      To reproduce:

      Create 9 gradebook items, making each worth 25 points:
      GB1: due date yesterday or today
      GB2: due date tomorrow
      GB3: not released to students
      GB5: not included in course grade

      In Resources, upload 9 different images and associate a GB item and condition with each image
      GB1: due date has passed
      GB2: due date has not passed
      GB3: is released to students
      GB4: is not released to students
      GB5: is included in course grade
      GB6: grade is blank
      GB7: grade is non-blank
      GB8: grade is less than: (25)
      GB9: grade is greater than or equal to: (15)

      Enter as the student
      You should be able to view the images for GB1, GB2, GB4, GB6 and GB8

      Instructor: Change the due date to tomorrow for GB1

      Student: GB1 image is no longer available in Resources, but neither is GB2, and GB2 should still be visible

      Make modifications to the GB based on the rules for the other items and verify you see what you should.

      Gliffy Diagrams



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