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Replace session based portfolio users shared mechanism to a node cache based one



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      Indiana University customization being shared back to the Sakai community.

      The problem is the way that osp handles its portfolio sharing specifically in that UI tab. It is caching per session per portfolio the authz. So the first time per session that you click on the share tab as owner it retrieves those values. But it then keeps those same values for the entire session. The UI also appears to auto save the authz values when you navigate away from that tab. So you get the double trouble here

      One can get this behaviour by opening two separate browsers and logging in as the same portfolio user/owner. Have one browser (IE) go into the share tab. Have the another browser (FF) also go into the share tab for that same portfolio. Have Browser IE add a user "Bob". Have browser FF add a user "Betty". Now alternate browsers and click away and back into the share tab. You'll see Bob added but no Betty in one. And Betty but no Bob added in the other.

      Note - the specific web browsers used here are irrelevant. The point is to use two completely separate browser sessions.

      To reproduce:

      Go to a portfolio site. Add users user01 and user02 to the site.

      1) Open Firefox (FF). go to a portfolio's "Share With Others" tab in that site mentioned above.

      2) Open Internet Explorer (IE). Go to the exact same portfolio's "Share With Others" tab as 1)

      3) In FF, add user user01 to share list

      4) In IE, add user user02

      5) In FF, click on "Summary" tab. Then back to "Share with Others". Notice that user01 is listed but not user02

      6) In IE, click on "Summary" tab. Then back to "Share with Others". Notice that user02 is listed but not user01

      7) Feel free to alternate between 5) and 6) as long as you want to see the issue in all of its glory

      The attached patch should not only fix this issue but should be "cluster aware" out of the box.

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