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Improvements to Site Archive tool




      Currently, the Site Archive tool allows you to export individual sites and import sites individually or in a batch.

      However, it requires that you have access to the filesystem in order to drop off or pick up these files.

      These patch files create the following new features:

      • batch export sites via the Site Archive tool based on term
      • download zips of those exports via the Site Archive tool
      • Create a new course with a export zip

      Screencast: http://screencast.com/t/mQUmh7Kb3

      More info:

      • Only administrators can create the exports right now
      • Users' site creation permissions are still in effect - if you can't create a site, then you can't create one from an archive
      • Admins need some other process (cron) to clean up the archive storage folder
      • I've added a realm permission to control which users see this permission (which requires a kernel patch). No one gets it by default.

      You'll need to make sure the following are set in sakai.properties:

      To test improved archive creation:

      • Go to Admin Workspace > Site Archive
      • Enter in the site id to export
      • Check 'Download Archives' and you should see a link to a zip file for this site - may take a few minutes if its a large site
      • You can also batch export by term, and those links will show up under 'Download Archives' too.

      To test importing an archive:

      • Download a zip archive file
      • Go to Worksite Setup > New
      • Select 'create site from archive' (The realm permission 'site.import.archive' controls if you see this option.)
      • Select the type and semester
      • Go through the normal site creation workflow - should select all tools you will want content for
      • At the end, you will be asked to select a zip file from your computer to upload.
      • Create the site

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            1. SAK-25867_archive.patch
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            3. SAK-25867_common.patch
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            4. SAK-25867_kernel.patch
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            5. SAK-25867_sakai-mock.patch
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            6. SAK-25867_site-manage.patch
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            7. SAK-25867_site-manage.patch
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            8. SAK-25867-site-manage-2.patch
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