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Assessment Submission Warning screen appears twice when submitting quiz via /direct link




      Assessment Submission Warning screen appears twice when attempting to submit a quiz accessed via /direct URL, e.g., http://qa3-us.sakaiproject.org:8086/direct/sam_pub/162?p=1, followed by an odd Assessment submission message.

      Preliminary setup:

      1. As instructor, create and publish an assessment (1 or 2 questions are sufficient).
      2. In another tool, such as Lessons, add text to use to link to the published assessment via the Link icon > Browser Server option.
      3. Save the change.
      1. As student, go to Lessons to click embedded link to the assessment. Assessment will open in a new window/tab.
      2. Click Begin Assessment.
      3. Respond to questions.
      4. Click Submit for Grading.
      5. On the subsequent Assessment Submission Warning screen, click Submit for Grading. At this point, I would expect to see a submission confirmation screen. Instead...
      6. The Assessment Submission Warning screen appears again, prompting student to Submit for Grading. Upon clicking the Submit for Grading button a second time...
      7. The Assessment has been submitted screen appears with the message that "This assessment has already submitted and no further amendments are allowed. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions." This bypasses the Submission confirmation screen which should show the submission details, e.g.,

        Open test - Submission Information

        Course Name sak-22283 test course
        Creator Trisha Gordon
        Assessment Title Open test
        Number of submissions remaining Unlimited
        Confirmation Number 190-162-b02dffaa-f009-4764-b1fb-01298d6e45f9-Tue Mar 25 13:21:39 EDT 2014
        Submitted 03/25/2014

      This issue involves Samigo.

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