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Participant asked for feedback unable to view linked assignment in matrix cell




      This problem occurs on both 10-qa05 and 2.9.x.

      Participant1 in a matrix can request feedback from someone besides the reviewer by selecting that user's name from the box or entering the id/email of the user. An email gets sent and when participant2 receives the request for feedback, s/he can click the link in the email to go to the cell for participant1, view the materials, and leave feedback. This is not working. When participant2 clicks the link, s/he is taken to the matrix cell, but it seems it is the cell of participant2, not of participant1.

      To reproduce:
      To reproduce:
      Portfolio site: Add reviewer, evaluator and 2 students
      Create/import matrix
      Manage site associations and link to course site

      Course site: Add reviewer and evaluator as TA and add both students
      Create an assignment and link it to a cell in the matrix
      Student1: submit assignment

      Portfolio site:
      Student1 view matrix cell with linked assignment - no problem
      Student1 request feedback from student2
      Student2 receives request for feedback
      Student2 clicks the link - student1's cell displays

      The cell does not show student1's work - this seems to be the cell of student2

      Logging in as coordinator or evaluator, then selecting the student from the drop-down in the matrix, both are able to view the submitted assignment.

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