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Upgrade to CKEditor 4.3.4




      Upgrade to CKEditor 4.3.4 released on March 24 2014.

      Changelog since 4.3.1:

      CKEditor 4.3.4

      Fixed Issues:

      #11597: [IE11] Fixed: Error thrown when trying to open the preview using the keyboard.
      #11544: Placeholders will no longer be upcasted in parents not accepting <span> elements.
      #8663: Fixed element.renameNode() not clearing the element.getName() cache.
      #11574: Fixed: Backspace destroying the DOM structure if an inline editable is placed in a list item.
      #11603: Fixed: Table Resize attaches to tables outside the editable.
      #9205, #7805, #8216: Fixed:


      appearing in data in various cases where HTML comments are placed next to " or '.
      #11635: Fixed: Some attributes are not protected before the content is passed through the fix bin.
      #11660: [IE] Fixed: Table content is lost when some extra markup is inside the table.
      #11641: Fixed: Switching between modes in the classic editor removes content styles for the inline editor.
      #11568: Fixed: Styles drop-down list is not enabled on selection change.

      CKEditor 4.3.3

      Fixed Issues:

      #11500: [Webkit/Blink] Fixed: Selection lost when setting data in another inline editor. Additionally, selection.removeAllRanges() is now scoped to selection's root.
      #11104: [IE] Fixed: Various issues with scrolling and selection when focusing widgets.
      #11487: Moving mouse over the Enhanced Image widget will no longer change the value returned by the editor.checkDirty() method.
      #8673: [WebKit] Fixed: Cannot select and remove the Page Break.
      #11413: Fixed: Incorrect editor.execCommand() behavior.
      #11438: Splitting table cells vertically is no longer changing table structure.
      #8899: Fixed: Links in the About CKEditor dialog window now open in a new browser window or tab.
      #11490: Fixed: Menu button panel not showing in the source mode.
      #11417: The widget.doubleclick event is not canceled anymore after editing was triggered.
      #11253: [IE] Fixed: Clipped upload button in the Enhanced Image dialog window.
      #11359: Standardized the way anchors are discovered by the Link plugin.
      #11058: [IE8] Fixed: Error when deleting a table row.
      #11508: Fixed: htmlDataProcessor discovering protected attributes within other attributes' values.
      #11533: Widgets: Avoid recurring upcasts if the DOM structure was modified during an upcast.
      #11400: Fixed: The domObject.removeAllListeners() method does not remove custom listeners completely.
      #11493: Fixed: The selection.getRanges() method does not override cached ranges when used with the onlyEditables argument.
      #11390: [IE] All XML plugin methods now work in IE10+.
      #11542: [IE11] Fixed: Blurry toolbar icons when Right-to-Left UI language is set.
      #11504: Fixed: When config.fullPage is set to true, entities are not encoded in editor output.
      #11004: Integrated Enhanced Image dialog window with Advanced Content Filter.
      #11439: Fixed: Properties get cloned in the Cell Properties dialog window if multiple cells are selected.
      CKEditor 4.3.2

      Fixed Issues:

      #11331: A menu button will have a changed label when selected instead of using the aria-pressed attribute.
      #11177: Widget drag handler improvements:
      #11176: Fixed: Initial position is not updated when the widget data object is empty.
      #11001: Fixed: Multiple synchronous layout recalculations are caused by initial drag handler positioning causing performance issues.
      #11161: Fixed: Drag handler is not repositioned in various situations.
      #11281: Fixed: Drag handler and mask are duplicated after widget reinitialization.
      #11207: [Firefox] Fixed: Misplaced Enhanced Image resizer in the inline editor.
      #11102: CKEDITOR.template improvements:
      #11102: Added newline character support.
      #11216: Added "\'" substring support.
      #11121: [Firefox] Fixed: High Contrast mode is enabled when the editor is loaded in a hidden iframe.
      #11350: The default value of config.contentsCss is affected by CKEDITOR.getUrl.
      #11097: Improved the Autogrow plugin performance when dealing with very big tables.
      #11290: Removed redundant code in the Source Dialog plugin.
      #11133: Page Break becomes editable if pasted.
      #11126: Fixed: Native Undo executed once the bottom of the snapshot stack is reached.
      #11131: Div Editing Area: Fixed: Error thrown when switching to source mode if the selection was in widget's nested editable.
      #11139: Div Editing Area: Fixed: Elements Path is not cleared after switching to source mode.
      #10778: Fixed a bug with range enlargement. The range no longer expands to visible whitespace.
      #11146: [IE] Fixed: Preview window switches Internet Explorer to Quirks Mode.
      #10762: [IE] Fixed: JavaScript code displayed in preview window's URL bar.
      #11186: Introduced the widgets.repository.addUpcastCallback method that allows to block upcasting given element to a widget.
      #11307: Fixed: Paste as Plain Text conflict with the MooTools library.
      #11140: [IE11] Fixed: Anchors are not draggable.
      #11379: Changed default contents line-height to unitless values to avoid huge text overlapping (like in #9696).
      #10787: [Firefox] Fixed: Broken replacement of text while pasting into div-based editor.
      #10884: Widgets integration with the Show Blocks plugin.
      #11021: Fixed: An error thrown when selecting entire editable contents while fake selection is on.
      #11086: [IE8] Re-enable inline widgets drag&drop in Internet Explorer 8.
      #11372: Widgets: Special characters encoded twice in nested editables.
      #10068: Fixed: Support for protocol-relative URLs.
      #11283: Enhanced Image: A <div> element with text-align: center and an image inside is not recognised correctly.
      #11196: Accessibility Instructions: Allowed additional keyboard button labels to be translated in the dialog window.

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