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Incorrect grade calculation when viewing student record




      This is an issue where viewing an individual student from Gradebook -> All Grades displays a different Course Grade then when viewing the All Grades pages.

      Steps to replicate:

      1) Login as instructor1 and create new course site
      2) Add Gradebook and Assignments
      3) Go to Site Info -> Manage Groups and add new group "ADA"
      4) Add user student0011 to that new group
      5) Go to Gradebook -> Gradebook Setup and use Categories & Weighting and add two groups "A" and "B" with 50% each
      6) Add new gradebook item worth 100 points "Item A" and assign to category A
      7) Give student0011 a 75 on Item A
      8) Go to Assignments and create new assignment worth 100 points, add to gradebook, release only to group "ADA"
      9) Assign student0011 a 50 in the Assignments tool
      10) Go to gradebook and make the assignment a part of category B
      11) Go to All Grades and look at course grade for student0011. It should be a 62.5% (75+50/200).
      12) Click the student name "Albertson, Albert" and confirm it is the same
      13) Now go to Site Info -> Manage Groups and remove user student0011 from the group "ADA"
      14) Now go back to Gradebook -> All Grades and compare the All Grades report with the individual student report when clicking on the student name in All Grades

      All Grades page gives the student a 75% as it doesn't count the assignment grade.

      Click the student name and observe a different Course Grade!

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