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      Version 3.12 (2015-05-11)
      add Initial XWPFStyles support for working with default document paragraph and run styles
      fix If an empty file or stream is given to WorkbookFactory.create, give a more informative exception - EmptyFileException
      fix 57552 - Sort PackagePart returns from OPCPackage by name considering numbers in filenames, so Image10.png comes after Image9.png, fixing problems with XSLF adding 10+ images to a slide
      fix 57880 - Handle >32,767 cell styles and formats in XSSF (file format limit is 64,000)
      add 57593 - Allow WorkbookFactory.create methods to open xlsx files protected with the default password
      add 57593 - Add overloaded WorkbookFactory.create methods which take the spreadsheet password
      fix 57666 - When removing a SXSSF sheet, ensure temp files associated with it are disposed of
      fix 57826 - If a XSSF shape has a buFont but no bullet character, mirror Excel and treat as un-bulleted
      fix 57642 - Fix setSheetName with ISERROR on XSSF
      add 57747 - Add ISERR() function
      fix 57829 - Avoid XmlValueDisconnectedException when removing a XWPFRun from a XWPFParagraph by removing from IRuns as well
      fix 57851 - Skip null properties in PropertyTableBase, which is how PropertyFactory reports unsupported POIFS properties
      fix 57820 - Avoid NPE on HSLF Tables with a top position of -1
      fix 56579 - Throw exception if max string length of 32767 chars is exceeded in XSSF and SXSSF.
      fix 55386 - Fix handling of bold formatting in example application 'ToHtml'
      fix 47304 - Use fixed encoding when extracting text in WordDocument
      fix 56017 - Fix shifting comments with shifted rows
      fix 56295 - Fix cloning of styles across workbooks and handling of default value of attribute applyFill
      fix 56380 - Remove limitation of 1024 comments per Workbook
      fix 56467 - Fix cloning of sheets with pictures
      add More helpful ExtractorFactory exception if given a Visio VSDX ooxml file
      fix 56799 - Include CTTblGrid in the smaller poi-ooxml-schemas jar
      fix 57165 - Avoid PartAlreadyExistsException when removing/cloning sheets
      fix 56893 - Additional check for supported string-length to avoid creating broken XLS files later one
      fix When saving an OPCPackage with no Core Properties (eg from Jasper Reports), ensure they are always added even if not yet used
      fix github-18 - Handle documents with a picture-only header
      fix 57622 - Change from XMLEventFactory.newFactory to XMLEventFactory.newInstance, for IBM JDK Compatibility

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