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Extra Permissions to hide or show the different site Info buttons with more granularity that the actual permissions do.



    • Type: Feature Request
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Component/s: Site Info


      Some of the options in the site info have an "all or nothing" configuration related with site.upd permission. So allowing or removing this permission a lot of features appear or disappear.

      I propose a new set of permissions to show or hide the options in a way all this can be configured in detail for the different roles.

      We can allow an instructor to import content from another site, but hide the options to duplicate the site, or prevent him from editing the site information. We can allow an instructor to modify the description in a site, but not change the tools or the hierarchy... There are a lot of combinations that actual permissions are not allowing and that we can do with this new set of permissions.

      Here it is a video to show how this works.


      Here is the list of permissions:

      • site.hideSiteInfo.useHidePermissions=Use hide permissions. (Ignore all hide permissions if not checked)
      • site.hideSiteInfo.all=Hide all site information
      • site.hideSiteInfo.main=Hide main site information (except tabs)
      • site.hideSiteInfo.siteinfo=Hide site information tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.edittools=Hide edit tools tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.pageorder=Hide page order tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.participants=Hide add participants tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.classroster=Hide class roster tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.groups=Hide manage groups tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.linkparent=Hide link to parent site tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.externaltools=Hide external tools tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.access=Hide manage access tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.duplicatesite=Hide duplicate site tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.importsite=Hide import from site tab
      • NOTE: This is not a button, this is a special option to allow instructors to import content, but not touch IMPORT the list of users from another sites: site.hideSiteInfo.importsite.users=Hide import users inside import from site tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.importarchive=Hide import form archive file tab
      • site.hideSiteInfo.userauditlog=Hide user audit log tab

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