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Change Package Name in basiclti-util back to org.sakaiproject.basiclti


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 11.0
    • Fix Version/s: 11.0, 12.0
    • Component/s: BasicLTI
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      If you look at the code in:


      You will see a set of very generic support for IMS LTI code that I wrote as part of the Sakai project. I wrote all the code and since it was completely generic, I gave it a package name of org.imsglobal and made it Copyright IMS.

      When people wanted to build Java apps that did LTI, I had them just grab a copy of that folder as a starting point.

      People got tired of digging that code out of the Sakai source tree over and over so Paul Gray of Learning Objects made his own repo with nothing but that the basiclti-util Java code with my blessing.

      He made it far easier just to make an artifact and use that code. They evolved the code and fixed a few bugs following whatever trajectory they followed.

      After a while IMS found the repo and asked that it be moved to the IMSGlobal account:


      If you look, this is still my code, long ago forked / copied and evolved in their own direction. Since then the code that lives in Sakai has evolved as well - particularly as we are moving toward ContentItem, Outcomes Service, Roster Service, and LTI 2.1. So I have been dumping a lot of new functionality into that code and further diverging the code streams.

      This results in having two artifacts that provide a series of "org.imsglobal..." classes - one from Sakai and one from IMS. And at this point, the version from the IMS repo really should be considered the actual version as it is provided by IMS.

      So I want to rename the package names for the code in our repo from "org.imsglobal" to "org.tsugi". I do not want to rename them to "org.sakaiproject" because the code is in no way dependent on sakai - it is truly standalone code and I want to communicate that clearly.

      I also do not want (at this time) to move it into another repo - but if there became interest in using the "org.tsugi" code in non-Sakai contexts I might move the code into a separate repo but for the moment, the only real customer of the code is Sakai and its forward vector is tied to Sakai's forward vector so I think it is premature to move it out of the Sakai repo.

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