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90k results returned from one signup query



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      A particular query issued by the Signup tool can produce a very large result set (90K+ rows in one example), and more seriously to produce that result set, the mysql database is creating a temp file in excess of 3G.

      Multiple such queries can completely kill database performance.

      Here's an example of the query:

      select this_.id as id285_2_, this_.version as version285_2_, this_.title as title285_2_, this_.description as descript4_285_2_, this_.location as location285_2_, this_.category as category285_2_, this_.meeting_type as meeting7_285_2_, this_.creator_user_id as creator8_285_2_, this_.coordinators_user_Ids as coordina9_285_2_, this_.start_time as start10_285_2_, this_.end_time as end11_285_2_, this_.signup_begins as signup12_285_2_, this_.signup_deadline as signup13_285_2_, this_.canceled as canceled285_2_, this_.locked as locked285_2_, this_.allow_waitList as allow16_285_2_, this_.allow_comment as allow17_285_2_, this_.auto_reminder as auto18_285_2_, this_.eid_input_mode as eid19_285_2_, this_.receive_email_owner as receive20_285_2_, this_.default_send_email_by_owner as default21_285_2_, this_.allow_attendance as allow22_285_2_, this_.recurrence_id as recurrence23_285_2_, this_.repeat_type as repeat24_285_2_, this_.maxnumof_slot as maxnumof25_285_2_, this_.create_groups as create26_285_2_, this_.vevent_uuid as vevent27_285_2_, signuptime3_.meeting_id as meeting11_285_4_, signuptime3_.id as id4_, signuptime3_.list_index as list12_4_, signuptime3_.id as id289_0_, signuptime3_.version as version289_0_, signuptime3_.start_time as start3_289_0_, signuptime3_.end_time as end4_289_0_, signuptime3_.max_no_of_attendees as max5_289_0_, signuptime3_.display_attendees as display6_289_0_, signuptime3_.canceled as canceled289_0_, signuptime3_.locked as locked289_0_, signuptime3_.group_id as group9_289_0_, signuptime3_.vevent_uuid as vevent10_289_0_, attendees4_.timeslot_id as timeslot1_289_5_, attendees4_.attendee_user_id as attendee2_5_, attendees4_.comments as comments5_, attendees4_.signup_site_id as signup4_5_, attendees4_.calendar_event_id as calendar5_5_, attendees4_.calendar_id as calendar6_5_, attendees4_.attended as attended5_, attendees4_.list_index as list8_5_, waitinglis5_.timeslot_id as timeslot1_289_6_, waitinglis5_.attendee_user_id as attendee2_6_, waitinglis5_.comments as comments6_, waitinglis5_.signup_site_id as signup4_6_, waitinglis5_.calendar_event_id as calendar5_6_, waitinglis5_.calendar_id as calendar6_6_, waitinglis5_.attended as attended6_, waitinglis5_.list_index as list8_6_, signupsite1_.id as id287_1_, signupsite1_.version as version287_1_, signupsite1_.title as title287_1_, signupsite1_.site_id as site4_287_1_, signupsite1_.calendar_event_id as calendar5_287_1_, signupsite1_.calendar_id as calendar6_287_1_, signupgrou7_.signup_site_id as signup1_287_7_, signupgrou7_.title as title7_, signupgrou7_.group_id as group3_7_, signupgrou7_.calendar_event_id as calendar4_7_, signupgrou7_.calendar_id as calendar5_7_, signupgrou7_.list_index as list6_7_, signupatta8_.meeting_id as meeting1_285_8_, signupatta8_.resource_Id as resource2_8_, signupatta8_.file_name as file3_8_, signupatta8_.mime_type as mime4_8_, signupatta8_.fileSize as fileSize8_, signupatta8_.location as location8_, signupatta8_.isLink as isLink8_, signupatta8_.timeslot_id as timeslot8_8_, signupatta8_.view_by_all as view9_8_, signupatta8_.created_by as created10_8_, signupatta8_.created_date as created11_8_, signupatta8_.last_modified_by as last12_8_, signupatta8_.last_modified_date as last13_8_, signupatta8_.list_index as list14_8_ from signup_meetings this_ left outer join signup_ts signuptime3_ on this_.id=signuptime3_.meeting_id left outer join signup_ts_attendees attendees4_ on signuptime3_.id=attendees4_.timeslot_id left outer join signup_ts_waitinglist waitinglis5_ on signuptime3_.id=waitinglis5_.timeslot_id inner join signup_sites signupsite1_ on this_.id=signupsite1_.meeting_id left outer join signup_site_groups signupgrou7_ on signupsite1_.id=signupgrou7_.signup_site_id left outer join signup_attachments signupatta8_ on this_.id=signupatta8_.meeting_id where this_.end_time>='2016-02-19 00:00:16' and this_.start_time<'2043-07-07 13:43:16' and signupsite1_.site_id='74154aa6-3973-4f47-a296-384d7149f1d5' order by this_.start_time asc;

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