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Collapsing left menu bar results in bad hover vertical alignment




      In the Sakai main page in Google Chrome, clicking the top menu bar item to collapse the right menu bar results in some UI bugs:

      1. In the collapsed state, while hovering over a menu bar item, an expansion of the menu bar item occurs which depicts the title of the menu bar item. This blue rectangle that results from the hover is not vertically aligned with the menu bar item.

      2. While hovering over the Training menu bar item, the "Training" blue rectangle appears along with a grey rectangle with a description of the item. While the grey rectangle description is still there (it disappears after a few seconds), moving the cursor straight down to the Acknowledgements menu bar item doesn't make the grey rectangle box that describes the Training blue menu bar item disappear. Repeating the same steps but instead starting with Acknowledgements and then to Training results in the same issue. I believe this happens because since the two menu bar items share the same grey rectangle description, which might mean they share the same object. So when moving the cursor in the hover state as stated above, the UI believes that the grey rectangle description is already the

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