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assignments, gradebook: Overwrite current feedback to give multiple students same comment doesn't update comments in GB




      If you have already graded and released comments for an assignment that has been added to the Gradebook, then use the Show settings for sending feedback > Overwrite current feedback option in Assignments, the grades and Comments for selected students are removed from the Gradebook, even though grades/comments are still entered in Assignments and look like they should be released.

      To reproduce:

      1. In a site with at least two students, the Assignments and Gradebook tools added, create an assignment with a Points grade and select Add Assignment to Gradebook.
      2. As 2 different students (e.g. student01, student02), submit the assignment.
      3. As instructor, go to Assignments > Grade the assignment.
      4. Click the name of one of the students who submitted to grade their submission.
      5. Enter a point grade and add some comments in the Instructor Summary Comments box.
      6. Click Save and Release to Student.
      7. Click Return to List.
      8. Repeat the steps to grade the other student with a submission.
      9. Click Show settings for sending feedback.
      10. Check the boxes beside the two students' names for whom you released comments/grades.
      11. Enter a new comment in the box (different from the previous comment for either student selected)
      12. Check the following options:
        • Overwrite current feedback (NOTE: It does not override by default).
        • Return feedback to selected students now (NOTE: This opction only returns the feedback, if you wish to publish grades, you will need to clic on 'Release grades').
      13. Click Update. Status for both students should be Returned and there should be a check mark in the Release column for both. Instead, the check mark has been removed from the Release column for the first student selected.
      14. Click on the name/id of a student for whom you just entered comments. In the Instructor Summary Comments box, you should see the new comment you just entered.
      15. Go to the Gradebook tool.
      16. Click on the assignment's Title to view the grades. You should see the new comment in the Comments box for both students whose grades/comments you just re-released. Issue: Instead, the first student doesn't have a grade or comments released (the grade has been made null and there's no comment because of the missing check mark in the Release column in Assignments). Meanwhile, the second student's comments have not updated from the previous comment.
        • NOTE: If you return to the Grade screen in Assignments, you'll see that the grades and comments are STILL entered for both students.

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