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assignments, gradebook: creating % GB item with relative weight, then associating assignment to it, causes inflated grades




      Issue: You can create hugely inflated percentage scores for an assignment as follows. Your site has a Gradebook with grade entry in percentages, and you create a gradebook item with a Gradebook item relative weight (e.g. 5). Create an assignment of the same name with a point grade of 100 and associate it with the gradebook item you just created. Submit the assignment as at least two students. As instructor, give the students different scores (e.g. 80, 90), and release the grades. If you view the Gradebook, you'll see that the students' scores are e.g. 1600%, 1800%.

      An instructor apparently discovered this issue a long time ago, but did not report it until now. I've successfully reproduced it in our local 2.9.1 and 10.2 instances, and on nightly2 in both 10.x maintenance branch and 11.

      To reproduce:

      1. Create a site with a Gradebook and Assignments.
      2. In Gradebook, go to Gradebook Setup and select Percentages as the Grade Entry option. Save the changes.
      3. Create a new gradebook item, and enter a Gradebook Item Relative Weight of 5.
      4. Go to Assignments and create an assignment with the same name as the gradebook item.
      5. Choose the following options for the assignment:
        • Grade Scale: Points
        • 100 points possible
        • Under Grading, select Associate with existing Gradebook entry and choose the gradebook item you created with the same name as the assignment.
          Additional note: You might need to change the assignment's open date if you're testing before noon.
      6. As 2 different students, submit the assignment.
      7. Log in as instructor and Grade the assignment. Give each student a different score, e.g. 80 and 90.
      8. Go to Gradebook. The students' grades for the assignment will be hugely inflated, e.g. 1600%, 1800%.

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