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Messages Tool: Subject of "read" messages remains bold (appearing unread)




      BUG TYPE:
      User Experience / User Interface item.

      KEY POINT:
      "Subject" in a message in the Messages tool remains bold when marked as "read."

      Some professors and staff at our institution have expressed that they can become confused on which messages are read or unread since the subject of the message always remains bold no matter the state of the message. Is there a reason why after reading a message in the Messages tool that the subject remains bold (rather than normal style)?

      Steps to replicate:
      1. Add "Messages" tool to a project or course site.
      2. Enroll at least one other user with any role.
      3. Go to Messages > Compose Message
      4. Send a message to the other user.
      5. Log in as other user, go to Received, click the new message to read it, return. You'll see that the "subject" remains bold, but the "Authored by" and "Date" are normal text since it's been read.

      Since there isn't a visual indication of "read" vs. "unread" (iOS Mail app has a blue dot for unread messages, for example), the expectation, similar to how Gmail and other web email services work, is for the subject to mirror the other elements by not being bold when a message is read. (The general thought is to reserve the emphasis for unread messages.)

      1.) Is there a reason why the "subject" of a message remains bold after a message has been read? Is this a "standards" situation where it is inheriting that since it's a link and therefore must be bold?

      2.) If subject must remain bold for a specific technical or UX/UI reason, should a visual cue, like a blue dot in Apple Mail, be added to highlight unread messages? Any visual image would have an ALT tag or element for appropriate accessibility reasons. (There is a visual image for "Already replied," so this seems doable.)

      3.) If subject can simply be made normal weight (but still blue as hyperlink), this may help address any user confusion.

      Feels like a bug to some of our users (forgot to "un-bold" the subject or some CSS inheritance issue). Marked this as "minor," since it's not blocking core functionality.

      Thank you for your review and consideration.

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