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Improvements to the Feedback Tool



    • Type: (Deprecated) Contributed Patch
    • Status: CLOSED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 11.1
    • Fix Version/s: 11.4, 12.0
    • Component/s: Feedback Tool
    • Labels:
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      EDIT: Currently the feedback tool's panels are the content panel, the helpdesk panel, the technical panel, and the suggestions panel. The helpdesk / technical panel are the same form to the same email address. The Suggestions panel is an external link.

      The following improvements to the feedback tool are suggested:

      • The addition of two hidden optional panels
      • Icons for each panel are now backed by a bundle (allowing for live configuration of each panel's icon) which ends in "_no_translate". Specifically the bundles are:
        • content_icon_no_translate
        • ask_icon_no_translate
        • technical_icon_no_translate
        • suggest_icon_no_translate
        • supplemental_a_icon_no_translate
        • supplemental_b_icon_no_translate
      • Each bundle is the Font Awesome class name to be used
      • The ability for each panel (except the content panel) to be an email form or a web link
        • If a panel is an email Form, the ability to have a link in it's instruction
          • via the presence of

            in the apropriate instruction's bundle (that is ask_instruction, for example)

      • The ability for the Help Desk to have it's own configured name within the helpdesk_instruction bundle
      • Improved configuration assistance wording
      • Cosmetic
        • Improve spacing between each panel's bullet points
        • Wider panels
        • Taller panels
        • Link at the bottom of the panel is now centered and forced to the bottom
        • Improved alignment of icon to the header text
        • Header text now has it's own space (so the explanation of each panel now starts on the same line
        • Hide the "Your email name:" section if logged in in the email forms


      After (Default configuration):

      Fully Configured (all panels to emailForms - customs excluded from PR are noted):

      The following sakai properties have been added:

      # #####
      # SAK-31184
      # Recipient address that will receive emails from the help panel
      # feedback.helpAddress=somehelpaddress@instutition.domain
      # Configure the helpdesk Name
      # feedback.helpdeskName = Institution Help Desk
      # Configure the technical link destination
      # If using an external link, include the https:// portion
      # feedback.technicalUrl = /portal/help/main
      # Configure the address to send Suggestions to
      # Used if feedback.link.suggestions.panel is false
      # feedback.suggestionsAddress = someSuggestionAddress@institution.domain
      # The following three properties allow a panel to be a link
      # If the property is TRUE, that panel will have a link to a URL at the bottom
      # If the property is FALSE, that panel will link to an email Form
      # For the Help Panel
      # If true, uses feedback.helpdeskUrl as the link
      # If false, uses feedback.helpAddress as email. Also, may use feedback.helpdeskUrl
      #   in the instructions of the email form.
      # DEFAULT: false
      # feedback.link.help.panel = true
      # For the Technical Panel
      # If true, uses feedback.technicalUrl as the link
      # If false, uses feedback.technicalAddress for email destination. May use feedback.technicalUrl
      #   in the instructions of the email form
      # DEFAULT: false
      # feedback.link.technical.panel = true
      # For the Suggestions Panel
      # If true, uses feedback.featureSuggestionUrl as the link
      # If false, uses feedback.suggestionsAddress as email destination. May use feedback.featureSuggestionUrl
      #   in the instructions of the email form
      # feedback.link.suggestions.panel = false
      # ##
      # User-configurable panels
      # These are two supplemental panels administrators may use for linking to additional
      # resources.
      # #
      # Show Supplemental A panel
      # DEFAULT: false
      # feedback.show.supplementalA.panel = true
      # Supplemental A panel as link
      # If true, the panel will be a link to a url (feedback.supplementalAUrl)
      # If false, the panel will be am email form (feedback.supplementalAAddress). May use
      #   feedback.supplementalAUrl in the email form instructions.
      # DEFAULT: true
      # feedback.link.supplementalA.panel = false
      # Supplemental A URL
      # If using an external link, include the https:// portion
      # feedback.supplementalAUrl = https://www.someWebsite.com
      # Supplemental A Email Address
      # feedback.supplementalAAddress = someSupplementalAddress@institution.domain
      # #
      # Show Supplemental B panel
      # If true, the panel will be a link to a url (feedback.supplementalBUrl)
      # If false, the panel will be am email form (feedback.supplementalBAddress). May use
      #   feedback.supplementalBUrl in the email form instructions
      # DEFAULT: false
      # feedback.show.supplementalA.panel = true
      # Supplemental B URL
      # If using an external link, include the https:// portion
      # feedback.supplementalBUrl = https://www.someSupplementalResource.com
      # Supplemental B Email Address
      # feedback.supplementalBAddress = someSupplementalAddress@institution.domain
      # ##
      # END SAK-31184
      # #####

      The defaults have been maintained to allow for similar behavior to the current feedback tool.

      If you previously had the feedback_tool installed the following MySQL command will need to be run (if you want to move away from the default config):

      ALTER TABLE master.sakai_feedback MODIFY COLUMN report_type ENUM('suggestions', 'supplementala', 'supplementalb');

      If you are on Oracle, you will need to make a new table with a new check constraint in place and copy the data from sakai_feedback into it.

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