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Gradebook Classic - Discrepancy between grades that are struck out on All Grades page and Gradebook Item Summay Page



      There is a discrepancy between the Gradebook Item Summary page for an item and the All Grades page. The grade that is struck through for a student when any of the drop/keep options has been enabled for a category is different between the two pages.

      Attached are two screenshots, one showing what is displayed on the Gradebook Item Summary page for an item (DH #1) and what is being displayed on the All Grades page. Notice that on the Gradebook Item Summary _page for DH #1, no grades are struck through for a student. Compare that to the _All Grades page where the DH #1 column shows all students' grades struck through. This occurs in each of the drop/keep options.

      To recreate:

      1. As an Instructor, click the Gradebook Setup tab in Gradebook.
      2. Select Categories and Weighting
      3. Create three categories (one for Drop Highest, one for Drop Lowest and one for Keep Highest) and assign them weights that total 100%
      4. Select all three drop/keep options (Enable Drop Highest, Enable Drop Lowest and Enable Keep Highest)
        #Enter a 1 for Drop Highest, 1 for Drop Lowest and 2 for Keep Highest.
      5. Click *Save Changes *button
      6. Return to Gradebook Items page and create 3 gradebook items for each category, including each item in the course grade calculation.
      7. Grade each item by entering the same grade, student by student. For example, Student01 gets a 10 for every item and Student02 gets a 9, Student03 gets an 8, etc.
      8. After grades have been entered, click the title of an item and notice which student's grade is struck through.
      9. Click the All Grades tab and notice that the grade struck out under the item column does NOT match the grade that was struck out on the Gradebook Summary page for the same item.

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