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Gradebook Classic - Grader role sees unassigned category only




      When a grader, who has been given either View or Grade capability for All Categories, clicks a student's name from the All Grades screen, the only category displayed is Unassigned.

      Attached are three screen shots, one showing the rule that has been created for the grader, one showing the Gradebook Items page as seen by the grader to display all available categories and the last one to show what the grader sees when clicking a student's name from the All Grades page.

      Here are the steps to recreate:

      Working in a site with Teaching Assistant added . . .

      1. As the instructor, setup the Gradebook with Categories and Weighting enabled.
      2. Add several items to each of the categories.
      3. Add items and do not assign them to a category.
      4. On the Permission Settings page in Gradebook, select a grader (Teaching Assistant) to edit.
      5. Click Add a Rule
      6. Select either View _or _Grade in the first drop down.
      7. Leave_ All Categories_ and All Sections/Groups in remaining drop downs.
      8. Click Save Changes.
      9. Log in as Teaching Assistant in the site.
      10. Go to Gradebook Items page and verify that access is available to each category and each item within the category.
      11. Click *All Grades *tab.
      12. Click one of the student's names. Teaching Assistant only has access to Unassigned category and item(s) added to that category.

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