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Allow 'banner bar' to be customised on a per site basis



    • Type: Feature Request
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    • Affects Version/s: 12.0
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      Oxford contribution, adapted for Morpheus by EdF.

      The banner bar can be customised using these properties:

      • ‘backgroundColour’ – the colour of main banner (specified as #rrggbb colour, for example, #f133e6).
      • ‘backgroundImage’ – the URL of the background image of the main banner (will tile)
      • ‘imageSource’ – the URL of a single image at the right end of the main banner (can be blank). For the moment, this should be of the appropriate size and if you want more than one image then it is your responsibility to construct a composite. Images are always displayed full-sized.
      • ‘imageLink’ – the URL of a website that the image at the right end of the banner will link to
      • ‘message’ – that that overrides ‘site title’ and will be displayed in the grey bar (2nd bar down on the page underneath the 'black bar' - it contains any subsite hierarchy plus the current "site title > current tool"). Can remain unset in which case the current site title will be used (default behaviour)
      • ‘fontColour’ – the colour of the font of the ‘message’ (specified as #rrggbb colour) -ie, the colour of the text: "site title > current tool"

      On the mobile view the height of the navigation bar will be fixed and RHS Images ('imageSource') won't be shown. By implication, there will be no link to the URL specified in the "imageLink"

      If you enable the feature you can set global default values for each property on the sakai.properties file and then override them for any site you want using site properties.

      See: http://blogs.it.ox.ac.uk/adamweblearn/2014/11/customisable-branding-of-sites/ - this show use in the context of Sakai 10

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