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Changing assignment type from regular to group can leave submissions inaccessible, do not allow group change after submissions


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 11.2
    • Fix Version/s: 11.4, 12.0
    • Component/s: Assignments
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      To reproduce:

      1. As instructor, create an assignment with a grade scale of points.

      2. Click on View Submissions so the list of students is display.

      3. Edit the assignment, and change it to a group assignment (Additional Assignment Options / Group Submission - One submission per group)

      4. As a student, submit to the assignment for a group.

      5. As a student, view the assignment list. Submission shows as 'not started'.

      The cause of this is dummy submission records which are created for each student in the site when 'View submissions' is selected.

      The submission XML (ASSIGNMENT_SUBMISSION table) looks like this.

      <submission anonymousSubmissionId="060c98b75 (anonymous)" assignment="57ad0600-425f-43d6-855e-5a89b289949a" context="3536750f-a396-4b2e-b99d-18ae89f26106" datereturned="" datesubmitted="" feedbackcomment="" feedbackcomment-html="" feedbacktext="" feedbacktext-html="" graded="false" gradedBy="" gradereleased="false" hideduedate="false" id="048dd854-b4d6-4572-a9c0-f72060c98b75" isUserSubmission="false" lastmod="20160808152754979" pledgeflag="false" returned="false" scaled_grade="" submitted="true" submittedtext="" submittedtext-html="" submitterid="65446f80-2b44-4c7d-b9f4-c21c3946ec68"><properties><property enc="BASE64" name="CHEF:creator" value="MmUxY2NiN2MtYzY2Ni00ZjI2LWJkMmMtYmFiOTAzMzdkNDMw"/><property enc="BASE64" name="CHEF:modifiedby" value="NTliNjNjZWMtMmMyYS00OWViLWE1ZjgtNzdmMzA1YWUxM2Y0"/><property enc="BASE64" name="DAV:getlastmodified" value="MjAxNjA4MDgxNTI3NTQ5Nzk="/><property enc="BASE64" name="DAV:creationdate" value="MjAxNjA3MjYxNTExNDkyMjM="/></properties></submission>

      When the assignment is edited from regular to group submission, these dummy submission records are not removed.

      When a student views his/her submission, the dummy submission object is retrieved instead of the group submission. As a result the submission shows 'not started' and when viewed, may also show Submission's Group Not Found" for "Group".

      Possible solutions:

      1. Do not allow an assignment to be changed to group submission after initial creation. <--- This one was implemented here see SAK-34103 for followup

      2. Delete the individual dummy submission records when an assignment's type is changed to group submission.

      3. Fix the code so that the dummy submissions are ignored for group assignments.

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