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Contributing all UWO Certification features to master



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 11.2
    • Fix Version/s: 11.0
    • Component/s: Other
    • Labels:
    • Property addition/change required:


      Fixes the following issues with current master branch:

      • Tool doesn't work; builds and deploys fine, can access the tool, but can't do anything in the tool itself (clicking items in the navBar just refreshes the landing page)
      • Spring 4 upgrade
      • Use named parameters for Hibernate queries
      • Change DocumentTemplate.resourceId database column to type TEXT in Hibernate mapping for Oracle compatibility (CLOB rather than LONG, which is deprecated)
      • Save template fields into the ToolSession so they can be populated in later UIs
      • Prevent users from downloading certificates they haven't earned
      • Force uploads to be of the application/pdf MIME type
      • Clicking 'next' no longer saves anything to the database; only the 'activate certificate' button makes changes
      • Source jQuery locally
      • navIntraTool bar formatted inconsistently
      • Remove build dependency on itext maven repo
      • Delete unused, stale/non-updated mocks which have been removed from the build for several years and provide no value or benefit

      Addresses the following historical usability issues:

      • Inability to change PDF file for a certificate
      • Inability to change the name of a certificate
      • Inability to add the tool to project sites
      • Improve user facing messaging and instructions
      • Provide more meaningful messaging to the user when the site's Gradebook is empty or non-existent
      • Unique constraint is now placed on both site ID and name, rather than just name (which would prevent two sites from having a certificate with the same name)
      • Remove the 'Save' button from all but the last UI when creating a certificate
      • Change occurrences of 'print' to 'view' in all UIs
      • Save certificates to the site's resources
      • Switched from checkboxes to radio buttons on the Admin UI
      • Provide appropriate default values when editing a certificate
      • Provide appropriate messaging to the user when a multiple choice variable can't be populated (would previously say 'gradebook is empty' in all cases)
      • Improved formatting of the 'created' column in the Admin UI table
      • Provide introductory blurbs
      • Format the date of the award in a consistent manner
      • Provide more informative table headings
      • Change default paging to 'Show All' for the participant list and admin UI
      • Improved UI messaging when there are no certificates in a site for both students and instructors; add disclaimers about unreleased gradebook items
      • Improve UI messaging when certificate name or description is too long
      • Provide ordering of field values, putting unassigned defaults at the top
      • Provide a confirmation on the third page when variables are mapped to unassigned
      • Removing an expiration criteria sets any expiration date field mappings to unassigned
      • Implement progress spinners

      Introduces the following new features:

      • Ability to add an expiry offset to a certificate
      • Provide a new reporting UI to check the status of certificates
        • Displays users (historical and current), their status (awarded or not), and the certificate's requirements
        • Failed criteria are marked in red
      • Replace the check status functionality with a link directly to your certificate
      • Enforce stipulation that you can't have more than one expiry, and expiry can't be the only criterion
      • Provide ability to display extra user properties in the UI, configurable via sakai.properties
      • Implemented new permission: 'certificate.be.awarded' (controls who can earn certificates)
      • Provide option to hide certificate requirements from site members
      • Provide ability to create a certificate without adding any criteria

      Extra User Properties sakai.properties format example:

      # Toggles whether student numbers can be viewed                                                    
      # The properties to grab from SAKAI_USER_PROPERTY table                                            
      # The titles for the properties in readable English                                                
      certification.extraUserProperties.titles.1=Employee Number

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