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Incorporate remaining skin changes identified by NYU



    • Type: Sub-task
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 12.0
    • Fix Version/s: 12.0
    • Component/s: Skins (CSS)
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      This issue tracks the merge of remaining NYU skin changes identified by Jeff and Kyle.

      Header Row Updates

      • Update the Sakai Logo and make it larger
      • Make separator between Noodle bullhorns and “Sites” menu the same height
      • Hover states for the bullhorn icons is currently dark blue. Apply the same light white box-shadow glow on hover for these.
      • Reduce the height of the banner row to 52px
      • Remove animation and only fix the top logo banner when scrolling
      • Add slight amount of padding on the right of the window to user dropdown menu
      • Change styling of the profile picture "Change" button
      • To ensure WCAG contrast compliance for the text in the header, use a darker blue for secondary background color: #3949AB
      • Moved the role switcher from the tool menu to the top banner

      Favorites Row Updates

      • Match favorite sites row min-height with the banner height: 52px
      • Implement NYU Classes styles for the default/hover/active button states
      • Implement NYU Classes styles for the tool submenu and menu item default/hover/active states
      • Remove padding from the right of the “Home” button

      Left Tool Menu

      • Appy NYU Classes styles for default/hover/active button states
      • Affix the collapse toggle menu item to the bottom of the page and apply NYU Classes styles
      • Set the tool menu width to 200px
      • Clean up styles on mobile version

      Portlet Content

      • Apply a minimum height to portlet content so it minimally matches the toolmenu height

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