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Roster Improvements - roles separated by table, styling, minor bug fixes



    • Type: Feature Request
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    • Affects Version/s: 12.0
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    • Component/s: Roster
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      Before screenshot

      This ticket is for the following roster improvements:

      1. Move the Export to a Button
        • All the other tabs are for different views. A tab, which when clicked, would cause a download does not fit in with the rest of the tool.
      2. The roster members are now split up into role tables.
        • This change was done as it is a waste of screen real estate to repeat the same information over and over. That is list out "access" for each user who is an access role.
        • The filtering via role and group still works, as well as search
      3. The member details are now in line with the role header
      4. Roles are organized in the page by number of permissions, that is the role with the most permissions (via the permissions tab) is listed first, etc
      5. Since not all of the roster data may be retrieved in the first page load, the number of members shown is listed
      6. If a role table is larger than the screen the header stays fixed to the top as you scroll down
      7. The number of members shown is also fixed
      8. Stripping was fixed in the roster tool
      9. The row you are hovering over is now indicated
      10. Add the ability to show a 12 hour clock in the roster via the sakai.property roster.12HrClock. The roster time and date is now controlled by the bundle: lastVisitTimeDate
      11. Cleanup, removed unused handlebars files and some unused CSS classes

      Numbers 1-5

      Numbers 6-7

      Numbers 8-9

      These improvements are a forward port of our local Roster improvements we have been running locally for the last two months.

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