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Upgrade elfinder to 2.1.23



    • Type: Task
    • Status: RESOLVED
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 12.0
    • Fix Version/s: 12.0
    • Component/s: elFinder
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      Sakai is currently using elfinder 2.1.12 which is a year old. The current version is 2.1.23 which includes the following fixes:

      2017-03-31 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.23):
      • [VD:Dropbox2] Fixed #1598 add a driver of Dropbox APIv2
      • [js:core] change option `abortCmdsOnOpen` default value to `['tmb', 'parents']
      • [php:core,VD:abstract] add a command `subdirs`
      • [js:core] add new method `asyncJob`
      • [quicklook] optimize of HTML5 audio/video player
      • [php:core,VD:abstract] Fixed problem of caching of subdirs
      • [ui:tree] trigger `check subdirs()` if necessary of change targets
      • [cmd:netmount] Fixed #1925 allow selection of multi-level hierarchy
      • [ui,cmd] Fixed #1931 cmd.disabled is not working in multi-volume search
      • [VD:GoogleDrive] Fixed #1932 support to auth type "JSON service account credentials"
      • [VD:GoogleDrive] Fixed #1933 sometimes infinite loop if root path is other than root on GoogleDrive
      • [js:core,ui:cwd,tree] add core method fm.getIconStyle() and use
      • [cmd:quicklook,info] Fixed #1926 support i18 name, file.icon
      • [Vd:abstract] allow -1 as value of option `checkSubfolders` for check asynchronously
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1923 first letter search & navigation in cwd
      • [VD:LocalFileSystem,FTP] Make success `extract()` by excluding unallowed items
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1941 performance deterioration of the thumbnail attach process
      • [js:core] Supports <base href> tag
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2017-02-25 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.22):
      • [VD:LocalFileSystem] Fixed #1882 option `copyJoin` does not work on extract
      • [cmd:help] Fixed #1898 error ".tabs is not a function" without JqUI tabs widget
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1899 rotating image breaks itself without exiftran and jpegtran
      • [VD:LocalFileSystem] Fixed #1910 `startPath` dose not work currently
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1911 unable to rename folder
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2017-02-07 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.21):
      • [cmd:open] Fixed #1844 make configurable to open into tab(s)
      • [php:core] Fixed #1846 target folder may be stay locked by adding items
      • [cmd:download] Fixed #1868 fixed up timeouts for bad connection download
      • [proxy:v1] Fixed #1880 error on command `paste`
      • [v1 support] Fixed #1884 error on command `reload`
      • [cmd:upload] Fixed #1885 Error on upload.ui = 'uploadbutton'
      • [VD:security] Fixed #1891 MIME-type check of unknown item is not execute
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2017-01-11 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.20):
      • [php:core] Fixed #1800 session write before umount of the volume
      • [cmd:upload] Fixed #1804 add folder upload button into upload dialog
      • [php:plugin] Fixed #1807 enable/disable plugin by pressing meta key on DnD upload
      • [cmd:rename] Fixed #1814 trigger event blur of input on item unselect
      • [js:core] Fixed #1817 add "execpre.[cmd]" event and make cmd exec cancelable
      • [js:core] Fixed #1818 mtime not defined for chunk upload
      • [js:core] Fixed #1826 allow command invalidation by each item(folder/file)
      • [ui:dialog] Fixed #1824 empty dialog on elfinder load
      • [cmd:resize] Fixed #1834 configurable default state of `8px Grid`
      • [VD] Fixed #1841 published files security issues
      • [js:core] Fixed #1832 allow to set error message on HTTP status code 4/5xx
      • [js:cmd] Fixed #1842 disable shortcut that specified to `disabled`
      • [php:core] Fixed #1843 security vulnerability fix

      2016-12-10 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.19):
      • [js] Fixed #1000 Wrap compiled code in UMD (for commonJs and AMD support)
      • [VD:OneDrive,Box] Fixed #1774 dose not work when PHP has `open_basedir`
      • [cmd:edit,php:core] Fixed #1779 save contents with original character encoding
      • [ui:toolbar] Fixed #1778 displayTextLabel option not works
      • [cmd:edit] add encoding select box rel. #1779
      • [cmd:search] Fixed #1782 search by mimetype dose not work (>=2.1.16)
      • [ui:dialog] Fixed #1785 trigger resize event with `maximize:on` in minimize element
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1783 Illegal duplicate data as bind in duplicate command
      • [cmd:edit] include elFinder instance as `fm` into `ta.editor` property
      • [js:core] Fixed #1791 implement JS, CSS loader and auto load of elFinder CSS
      • [cmd:resize] Fixed #1789 bug that crop image size is change while dragging
      • [js:core] Fixed #1788 bug that chunked upload timeout processing is invalid
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1799 uses `link()` in exec `zipdl` to more faster
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2016-11-21 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.18):
      • [VD:FTP] Fixed #1757 cause infinite loop with getting stat of second level items from system root
      • [js:core] Fixed #1761 problem of chunk merge request on 2.1.17
      • [php:core] Fixed #1762 broken backward compatibility of PHP < 5.4 on 2.1.17
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2016-11-19 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.17):
      • [cmd:upload] Fixed #1695 disabled check doesn't work in other than CWD volume
      • [js:core] Fixed #1698 abort the file upload at network error occurs
      • [ui:toolbar] Fixed #1699 add an option `displayTextLabel` (default: `false`)
      • [css:toolbar] Fixed #1700 correction of button label for touch devices
      • [ui:toolbar] add contextmenu to show/hide the text label
      • [ui:workzone] Fixed #1702 cwd size fits to the workzone at resize
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1703 problem of make the video thumbnail
      • [core] Fixed #1706 configurable to limit max number of selectable items
      • Added an option `maxTargets` of connector main option.
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1701 No thumbnails after added the item (v 2.1.16)
      • [cmd:download] Fixed #1707 allow zip download in multi volume searching
      • Added native driver for GoogleDrive, OneDrive and Box (Special thanks to Raja Sharma)
      • [cmd:netmount] Fixed #1713 OAuth of procedure is not completed on MS Edge
      • [css:quicklook] Fixed #1717 preview html file won't scroll on IOS
      • [cmd:upload] Fixed #1718 File upload on paste does not work
      • [js:core] Fixed #1724 add client option `enableByMouseOver`
      • [js:core] Fixed #1724 disable event `disable` with option `enableAlways=true`
      • [js:core] Fixed #1724 optimize switching enable/disable for elf in iframe
      • [cmd:getfile] Fixed #1727 wrong path when the tree is not loaded
      • [cmd:quicklook] Fixed #1737 select next item after an item deleted
      • [cmd:mkdir] Fixed #1739 Add 'new folder' action to tree context menu
      • [VD:abstract,LocalFileSystem] Fixed #1744 results `url` must be urlencoded
      • [js:core] Fixed #1738 retry uploading only on connection aborted
      • [cmd:search] Fixed #1745 "onlyMimes" option invalid in search results
      • [js:core] Fixed #1738 bug in the retry function on chunked uploading
      • [php:plugin:AutoResize] Fixed #1746 add an option `forceEffect` (default:false)
      • [js:core,cmd:quicklook] Fixed #1748 add client option `rawStringDecoder`
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2016-10-11 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.16):
      • [cmd:info] Fixed #1652 add CSS class name `file.csscls` to icon
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1653 JQUI.selectable does not work on items that has been added
      • [js:core,cmd:info] Fixed #1652 add the item type `Volume Root`
      • [js:core] Fixed #1656 wrong result `fm.convAbsUrl()` with location basename
      • [php:core] Fixed #1658 to allow cancel cmd exec by [cmd].pre callback
      • [js:code] Fixed #1659 not work in Mac/iOS safari private browsing mode
      • [js:core] Fixed #1662 `[cmd]fail` event is fired at fail cmd execution
      • [php:core] Fixed #1669 Fatal error in `detectFileExtension()` when URL upload
      • [ui:dialog] Fixed #1670 add the minimize button into the editing dialog
      • [ui:navbar] Fixed #1684 rtl right-panel resize bug
      • [cmd:resize] Fixed #1685 to enable specify bgcolor in the image rotation
      • [cmd:resize] Fixed #1686 add "Aspect ratio" button into crop panel
      • [cmd:resize] add button "8px Grid" Enabled/Disabled for JPEG image
      • [js:core] Fixed #1689 initialized to an undefined property
      • [js:core] Fixed #1692 optimize function of swipe to close navbar
      • [cmd:quicklook] Fixed #1693 `dispInlineRegex` doesn't reflect in multi volume searching
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2016-09-12 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.15):
      • [js:command] inheritable elFinder.command object rel. #1545
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1550 option `uiCmdMap` dose not work on 2.1.14
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1553 root stat not refresh when do chmod of root
      • [php:core] fix make netkey problem - support multiple array options
      • [js:core] Fixed #1554 can not unmount netvolume when done auto sync
      • [js:core] Fixed #1555 can not upload to unreadable folder
      • [php:core] parent dir sets to changed when upload, paste, rm, mkfile, mkdir etc
      • [js:core] Fixed #1560 to possible to apply sort mode in tree in navbar
      • [js:ui,cmd:fullscreen] Fixed #1563 add ui command "fullscrren"
      • [cmd:edit] Fixed #1561 add to fullscreen button
      • [js:core] Fixed #1562 sort with i18 name if exist
      • [js:options] ui option `commands` accepts "*" as all of commands
      • [VD:LocalFileSystem] Fixed #1565 dose not support volume option `searchTimeout`
      • [VD:FTP] Fixed #1571 cause infinite loop during auto-sync of the volume root
      • [php:core] Fixed #1572 unable to DnD upload the folder named "0"
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1575 can not rename "0" to "00", "000"...
      • [cmd:rename] Fixed #1573 input text stay in there at rename error in tree view
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1576 reset the column width may not applied to the header
      • [ui:conttextmenu] Fixed #1578 to the contextmenu draggable
      • [php,cmd:open] Fixed #1586 RFC7233 violation, add `commandsOptions.open.method`
      • [ui:navbar,cwd] Fixed #1590 auto scroll on HTML5 native dragging
      • [VD:Dropbox] Fixed #1596 correction of `basename`, `dirname` on the windows server
      • [cmd:upload] Fixed #1600 add target folder selector into upload dialog
      • [ui] Fixed #1609 toast notification on complete of upload/paste into any folder
      • [cmd:getfile] Fixed #1610 getFileCallback to supports the jQuery.Deferred
      • [cmd:rename] Fixed #1613 correction of error handling
      • [js:core] Fixed #1614 correction of upload mixed chunks and normal file
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1615 break the lazy rendering when it delete items
      • [ui:tree] Fixed #1617 other volumes cmds doesn't work when it disabled in cwd
      • [core] Fixed #1622 added an option `phash` to the volume roots for implement feature of volume group
      • [ui:toolbar] Fixed #1619 use fm.trigger('toolbarload') instead toolbar.tigger('load')
      • [js:options] Fixed #1624 add a new option `overwriteUploadConfirm`
      • [cmd:search] Fixed #1635 support parallel requests for multi volumes
      • [contextmenu] Fixed #1645 to enable the operation of the keyboard
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1646 selected targets by ctrl+shift are wrong
      • [ui:dialog] Fixed #1647 controlling tabstop by `elfinder-tabstop` css class name
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2016-07-25 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.14):
      • [js:core,VD:abstract] Fixed #1525 do MIME check before file upload
      • [API] Accept the root options data as an attribute `options` of the root stat
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1532 can not use the `_` in custom column name
      • [js:command] Fixed #1533 update the cmd status at `sync`
      • [core] Fixed #1012 support i18n folder name
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1544 jQuery backward compatibility (fix DnD problem)
      • [proxy:APIv1] Fixed #178 correction of command `paste`
      • And some minor bug fixes

      2016-07-11 Naoki Sawada <hypweb@gmail.com>

      • elFinder (2.1.13):
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1433 create a thumbnail of the video file with ffmpeg
      • [js:core] Fixed #1435 bug of getFileCallback on multi instances
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1440 bug that not become disabled on multi instance
      • [cmd:quicklook] Fixed #1441 hide the prev/next button on first/last item
      • [js:core] Fixed #1439 show window close confirm dialog while editing file
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1450 missing contextmenu on touch up on iOS devices
      • [js] Fixed #1455 duplicate registration of command change event
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1461 resizable table column width
      • [cmd:sort] Fixed #1464 to enable more sort options
      • [cmd:chmod] Fixed #1465 remove unnecessary `this` reference
      • [ui:toolbar,navbar] Fixed #1473 memorize state of open/close by swipe
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1475 make custom column sortable on list view
      • [cmd:quicklook] Fixed #1478 preview broken with old jQuery
      • [js:core] Fixed #1480 broken compatibility with protocol API v1
      • [cmd:opendir] Fixed #1481 broken in elFinder 2.1.12
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1479 can't be moved to the right edge at column sort
      • [ui:cwd] Fixed #1485 add an option of template placeholders replacement rules
      • [php:core] Fixed #1490 configurable root options of the network mounting volume
      • [js] Fixed #1491 jQuery 3.0 supports
      • [cmd:search] Fixed #1499 incremental search from current view items
      • [cmd;resize] Fixed #1498 img-edit dialog layout disordered when resizing window
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1505 configurable duplicate's suffix, unique numbe format
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1507 add a volume option `dirUrlOwn`
      • [VD:abstract] Fixed #1514 security vulnerability in the archive command
      • And some minor bug fixes

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