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Non-portal tools do not use portal.cdn.version




      CSS and JS files loaded by tool templates do not use the portal.cdn.version suffix like the portal and theme files do. This results in resource version problems for end users as tool resources are left in their 10.x state. We have seen several universities having to tell users to clear their caches for upgrades to 11.x to work.

      I (the issue reporter) have started work, proposing the <sakai:script> and <sakai:stylesheet> taglibs to append version query automatically. But this is not enough as some tools rely on other templating engines.

      Any insights for a more general solution would be greatly appreciated.
      In the long term, it would be beneficial if all tool css-resources got collated by the portal /library scss build, minified and versioned. There should be similar strategies available for js resources, but I am not aware of any being in use in sakai at the moment.

      The list of affected components is not complete. Will add more as I find them.

      LessonBuilder, Rwiki, Evaluation, and QnA all use html/rsf templates. How do we best make these include a version query?

      Steps to reproduce (but not a valid test strategy as it has a lot of manual steps):
      1. Clear browser cache (as you might have 11.x resources from testing)
      2. Log in to a Sakai 10.x install and use any affected tool
      3. Upgrade to 11.x
      4. Log in to 11.x
      5. Use the same affected tool and verify the resources are loaded from server and not from cache

      Affected modules (needs various degrees of code and template changes): assignment, chat, clog, config, evaluation, feedback, help, jsf, lessonbuilder, msgcntr, podcasts, polls, portal, profile2, qna, roster2, rsf, rwiki, samigo, search, sections, signup, sitestats, syllabus, yaft

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