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When creating groups, have filters to display only students from specific section/roster and students not yet assigned to existing group



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      This is a feature request for the Manage Groups > Create New Groups page: drop-down filters for viewing only students from specific sections and only students who have not yet been added to a group.

      Use case: Site has 5 discussion sections, each section with 20 students.  The instructor wants to manually create small groups within each discussion section, but not accidentally put the same student in more than one group.

      Two drop-down filtering options are proposed for views:

      1. View Section/roster vs. Entire Site
      2. Out of #1, view only students who have not yet been added to a group

      Along these lines, for large sites, it would be helpful to search/filter by student name.

      Example mock-up showing drop-downs based on the Gradebook drop-downs.  Note that instead of seeing the rosters at the top of the Site Member List, you'd only see roles and participants within that section.


      It would take away tremendouw administraitve effort for faculty and reduce the potential for errors when students are assigned to / may join sections if nesting (parent-child) of sections was possible.

      An example:
      We have one course site for every course taught during one block (10 weeks) at Hotelschool The Hague.
      The course site has multiple section categories:

      • Location (in order to designate faculty Amsterdam and faculty The Hague)
      • Workshop Group (within one faculty multiple workshop groups / cohorts exist)
      • Project Team (within one workshop group, multiple project teams exist)

      When assigning students to the course sites, faculty have to add manually the students from the smallest granularity (project teams) on a team by team basis, then once all teams of one workshop group have been added immediately add them to the respective workshop group, before adding other teams. Once all workshop groups for one location have been added, the students must be assigned to the respective location, before you can do this entire cycle again for the other location. This is prone to errors to be made.

      If they would not do it this way, for every lower-level section, you have to assign the students from the all-encompassing list of 'unassigned students' within the every section category.

      Students of one workshop group may join teams consisting of up to 5 students per team. The teams however must be formed within their own workshop group.

      Please see below the visual flow of this procedure taken from an example course worksite. The screenshots have been taken in a demo course site.

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