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Site Imports/Copies import Gradebook NG items as "Not Release" and "Not included in Grade"



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      It seems that the new Gradebook has a different behavior from Gradebook2 when sites are imported or duplicated that is causing a lot more work for instructors and course builders. When importing, it sets all the Gradebook items to not be released to students, and not included in the course grade calculations. This means that a course builder needs to edit every single Gradebook grade item and re-enable those settings. We have some courses with very complicated Gradebooks with many, many items so this creates a tremendous amount of busywork.

      The newly decided route to go with this (per the direction of the TL group) is to have a check box system similar to that of assignments that would allow an instructor to select all (or a portion if preferred) and apply an action.  The additional input of the TL group was to have it be a multi-functional selection with at least the following options: Move to category, delete, release, and include in grade.


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