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Re-add the capability for "Add Another Folder" "Add another Weblink"



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Verified
    • Priority: Critical
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 11.4, 12.0, 19.0
    • Fix Version/s: 12.0, 19.0
    • Component/s: Content
    • Labels:
    • Environment:
      11.x maintenance and Trunk
    • 12 status:
    • 11 status:
      Please Merge
    • Test Plan:

      In Content verify add another web link and and another folder are working

      In Content verify add another web link and and another folder are working



      With Sakai 10 or 11, there had been a bug in Resources where the "Add Another Folder" button would not work in conjunction with the "Add details for this item" link. The community implemented a "quick fix" in SAK-32450 (Folder) SAK-31809 (Web Link) to simply remove the display of the button, removing that functionality.  This feature, however, is valuable to professors and site owners when setting up a site (efficient/time saving). It is also mentioned in the community documentation. Ultimately, we want to save instructors clicks, so returning this functionality (or an equivalent option) will be important.


      Fix the main issue of the "Add details for this item" not working when multiple folders are provided (allowing both "Add Another Folder" and "Add details for this item" to operate properly together). From comment testimony in the ----SAK-32450---- ticket, it sounds like this option is very difficult or time consuming.

      1. ALTERNATIVE A: From Resources > Actions > Create Folder, add a tabbed structure on the page. The first tab is "Create Single Folder" (which has the current setup with the "Add details for this item" link; make one change for the button to say "Create Folder Now").  The second tab is "Create Multiple Folders" that doesn't offer the "Add details for this item" for each item – just a field for Folder Name, the "Add Another Folder" button below, and "Create Folders Now" button (or Cancel).
      2. ALTERNATIVE B: Create a multi-step process.  Resources > Actions > Create folder offers field and "Add Another Folder" button so multiple folders can be declared. No "Add details" link yet. The bottom of page has three buttons: "Create Folders Now," "Add Folder Details," or "Cancel."  If someone clicks "Add Folder Details," then the next page displays the add details options for each folder name on a new page (ideally one page, perhaps with accordion options). From here, the user specifies the desired options and then can "Create Folders Now" or "Cancel."
      3. ALTERNATIVE C: Restore the capability to add additional folders and weblinks. However the "Edit details" will be on the same page and apply to all of the items that are created. Additionally the details will be more limited than the details that currently exist with only the "Availability And Access". This makes it consistent with how file creation works. The main problem was originally the HTML was cloned on the client for each of these and the details area was not able to be cloned correctly after a change to the calendar.
      4. ALTERNATIVE D: Fix the Edit Details javascript so it works the same way in 11 as it did in 10. It was removed because the date picker broke it. It's possible that the process of creating the "edit details" HTML could be improved and the date picker fixed again. This was just going to take some work that nobody seemed to want to spend.
      5. ALTERNATIVE E: Perhaps someone else has a great idea or workflow that fits within the design and style of Resources and accomplishes the goal of adding folders efficiently.


      If the community is fine with the current (less efficient) method for "Create Folders," then at the very least:

      • In the Actions menu, change "Create Folders" to "Create Folder"
      • On Create Folder page, change the page title from "Create Folders" to "Create Folder."
      • On Create Folder page, rename the button from "Create Folders Now" to "Create Folder Now."
      • Update the help documentation to remove references and images with the "Add Another Folder" button.

      Thank you.

      P.S. The "Add Web Links (URLs)" feature will need similar changes. Ideally, design a solution that can be applied to both "Create Folders" and "Add Web Links (URLs)."

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