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Re-using Material from Other Sites loses tool configuration in the newly-created site



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: OPEN
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 12.0, 19.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Worksite Setup
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      IMPORTANT: This is an issue specifically related to re-using material during site creation and NOT using the Site Info functions.

      When creating a new site and opting under Re-use Material from Other Sites [Import from Site] to copy an existing site's configured tools, an instance of each selected tool is created for the new site but its configuration is not copied.

      Testing on nightly2 mysql instances, this is broken on master (trunk) and 12.x

      Similar testing on nightly2 11.x gives different results. Copying Web Content always results in both an nonconfigured tool instance but also a second tool instance configured correctly as in the source site. Copying Lessons seems to result only in the single, nonconfigured tool instance. (I remember that last week, Lessons too had the second, correctly-configured instance. That is, I believe that both tools had the same copy behavior last week on nightly2 11.x)

      SAK-31439 details other problems in site creation workflow, but reports principally that tool configuration is unsupported during site creation. Though this is itself a problem, our emphasis is that tool configurations are dropped.

      To reproduce this issue:
      1. create a first project site to serve as a copy source, and in this first site-creation wizard workflow:
        1. add a Web Content tool instance to it and configure it
        2. and a Lessons tools instance to it and configure it, taking care to rename from the default "Lessons".  Add at least one element to the lesson page, e.g. some text (to confirm that it transfers to the new site).
      2. create a second project site, and in that second site-creation wizard workflow:
        1. on page Project Site Tools in section Re-use Material from Other Sites You Own 
          1. select radio button "Yes, from these sites:"
          2. and select the source site
        2. on next page Re-use Material from Other Sites
          1. select both configured tools from the source site – both Web Content and Lessons
      3. check the second project site for its instances of Web Content and Lessons tools and if these are configured
      presence of resulting destination-site tool instance

      There is no evident failure in creating the second site. But it doesn't have the expected tools.

      tool how configured nightly2
      master (trunk)
      Web Content nonconfigured yes yes yes
      Web Content configured as in source site yes no no
      Lessons nonconfigured yes yes yes
      Lessons configured as in source site no no no

      the bold here is to indicate what we take to have been correct behavior, now broken

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