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Preferences - Sites - Change behavior to "select to show" / "deselect to hide" (from select to hide / deselect to show)



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    • Affects Version/s: 11.4, 12.0, 12.6, 19.0, 20.0
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      It is counterintuitive to mark items to hide a site, when in Sites you mark items (favorite) to show a site or mark items in Manage Tools to display a tool.


      Please change the behavior in "Home" > "Preferences" > "Sites" so that deselecting a site will "hide" the site, while keeping a site selected (checked) will show the site.

      Screenshot of the proposed design:


      Since Sakai 11 added the ability to favorite sites, users have become confused when attempting to hide sites. Since the behavior is to select (check) a site to SEE in the favorites bar (via the Sites menu at the top right by the user name), they also apply this same expectation when attempting to hide sites in Preferences > Sites. Users become confused, frustrated, or think that there is a "bug" in the system.

      Yes, the text on the screen within Preferences > Sites does say "Hide From Site Drawer." As technology support people, we understand that people don't always read instructions. They act based on what seems intuitive, especially if they have been programmed through other features that the system operates in a specific way. Another example is Site Info > Manage Tools; you select (check) the tools to display, not to hide.

      We feel it is important to align the functionality of "favoriting" and "hiding" sites, so that the behavior matches.  This should lead to less confusion, fewer support tickets, and a better user experience.


      • Change the page heading from "Hide from Site Drawer" to "Show or Hide Sites in the Sites Menu" (Rationale: the feature is called "Sites" now, and is commonly referred to as the Sites menu, not Site Drawer which was legacy from Sakai 10 and earlier. Originally proposed the title "Manage Sites Menu" but feel an even more direct title (Show/Hide Sites from Sites Menu) would avoid any confusion that users could manage more than just show/hide.)
      • Change the instructions to read: 
        "To display a site: select the checkbox next to the site you wish to see in the Sites menu.
        To hide a site: deselect the checkbox next to the site you wish to hide from the Sites menu.
        NOTE: This will not affect the visibility of a site to enrolled users."
        (Rationale: Make the instructions very clear. Also, changed the language from "students" to "enrolled users" to make the feature more site agnostic. Some institutions use both project and course sites, so "enrolled users" or "enrolled participants" may be more inclusive for different use cases. Of course, this change is very minor and not as important as clear instructions and the overall switch of select vs. deselect.)
      • Change the selection behavior to select/mark a site to display, and if a user deselects an item, that it will flag that to hide the site.  Essentially, reverse the current selection process.

      Thank you for considering this feature request.

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