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Import of grades relies on point value in spreadsheet for new GB items


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      If you are adding a new gradebook item via the spreadsheet import, it seems to require the point value specified in square brackets after the item name. If the point value is excluded, it creates a new GB item BUT does not import the student(s) grades.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start with a site with at least one student
      2. Export the Gradebook spreadsheet
      3. Edit the CSV and add a new column e.g. Tutorial
      4. Type a mark for one student e.g. 50
      5. Import the updated spreadsheet

      6. Gradebook takes you through the Gradebook Item Import Selection steps. Select the item and add a point value e.g. 100

      7. Confirms you have successfully imported the new Gradebook item. There's a new column but the students grade (i.e. for student0031 in the screenshot above does not appear):


      This however seems to work:

      Delete the imported Gradebook item and try again - this time the with the point value in  square brackets after the item name (see below):

      Once you create the new Gradebook item it successfully adds the grade for the student(s) too:




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