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    • Affects Version/s: 12.0
    • Fix Version/s: 19.0
    • Component/s: Master
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      • Removal of deprecated classes and methods that were marked for removal in v3.17
      • Various modules: add sanity checks and fix infinite loops / OOMs caused by fuzzed data
      • OPC: fix linebreak handling on XML signature calculation (#61182)
      • SS Common: fix number formatting (github-43/52, #60422)
      • SXSSF: fix XML processing - unicode surrogates and line breaks (#61048, #61246)


      Type Bug Module Description
      61478 OPC POI OOXML-Schema lookup uses wrong classloader
      61470 XWPF Handle ruby (phonetic) elements in XWPFRun
      61381 POIFS PushbackInputStreams passed to ZipHelper may not hold 8 bytes
      58975 SS Common Support formula evaluation with functions containing more than 127 arguments
      60422 SS Common Fix issue with number formatting in non-default locales
      61048 SXSSF Fix issue where carriage returns were being escaped as line feeds
      61246 SXSSF Do not replace Unicode Surrogate chars with ? when writing SXXSF sheets
      61363 POI Overall Unify escher shape id allocation
      61350 OPC Use unsynchronized xmlbeans
      61346 HEMF Add more sanity checks before allocation of byte arrays in HEMF/HWMF.
      61338 HWMF Avoid infinite loop with corrupt file.
      61295 HPSF Avoid OOM in hpsf with corrupt file.
      61331 SL Common Font group handling / common font interface
      61300 POIFS Avoid infinite loop with corrupt file.
      61286 61287 HSSF Handle zero-length headerfooter and 2 byte WriteProtectRecord
      github-43 SS Common RoundUp and RoundDown functions round incorrectly in some scenarios
      github-52 SS Common Support number formats with trailing commas
      61294 POI Overall Fix bug that allowed IOUtils.skipFully to enter infinite loop
      61266 POIFS More helpful exception on unsupported old MS Write WRI files
      61243 POI Overall Refactor and unify toString/toXml in DDF
      61182 OPC Invalid signature created for streamed xlsx file

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