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Audio files recorded by instructor won't play in a site with imported material


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      It looks like this is kind of a permission issue around attachments and how the Audio Recording plugin works. The audio recorder currently uploads it's content to attachment/<site id>/fckeditor for the site. When importing content from a previous site, the attachment data isn't imported and the contents of the text area isn't rewritten so all the links to previous recordings are broken because they are permission scoped to "Entire Site" for the old site. See attached images.

      This is a problem for instance if the instructor uses the audio recording plugin to record an announcement or some text for an assignment or forums description. 

      I really can't think of a good solution to this. We obviously don't want all attachment content copied over and we don't really want new sites to have full access to old sites attachments either. 

      It could possibly upload instructor created content right to the sites resources (maybe in a folder that is hidden with contents accessible) and that might be the best solution. Any content uploaded by students would probably be fine in attachments and not something you want to upload anyway? Maybe that's the quickest fix?

      • If it's possible to upload content to the current site, do that to a new folder " Hide this folder but allow access to its contents" named "Audio recordings" 
      • Otherwise use the current workflow

      [Note: This issue does not arise using the Create new manual course site > Re-use material from other site workflow]

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