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GBNG: allow configuration of max comment length via sakai.properties



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      Please add a Test Plan here.


      This ticket will implement a sakai.property to allow configuration of the maximum number of characters allowed in a gradebook item comment. The sakai.property will default to 20,000 characters.

      This value will be used for the maxlength attribute of the modal form for viewing/editing a single user's comment. It will also be used for a new comment validation routine for the Import process. This comment validation will inform the user up front which students have invalid comments for which gradebook items in the file, allowing them to correct the problem(s) and re-upload the file without having to go all the way through the wizard.

      Please see the attached screenshots for the Import process comment validation error message, the corresponding import file, and the sakai.property used (set to max of 10 characters for ease of testing).

      Original ticket description:

      SAK-29595 proposed changing the database column backing the Gradebook's comment text field. There was significant push back on this, considering that institutions have been running without this limitation for some time, and there is a lot of historical data that would violate this change, and losing or truncating data is not an option. As such, the proposal was closed as "Won't Fix".

      However, somewhere along the lines, the front and backend checks to enforce a limit of 500 characters were introduced into GBNG. This has been a point of contention for many of our users, who consider it a regression from behaviour in Gradebook Classic.

      As the database column type change was denied, it is our opinion that the front/backend checks enforcing the 500 character limit should be removed.

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