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Overview - Add key site information from Site Info to Overview



    • Type: Feature Request
    • Status: OPEN
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 19.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Home, Site Info
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      Move the student-facing site information (e.g. site URL, site contact and email, LaTeX status) from "Site Info" to "Overview" (formerly known as "Home").


      The "Site Info" tool has a confusing name for site managers (instructors and maintain users). In order to rename the tool to something that better matches its overall purpose (e.g. "Settings"), some of the detail that students see needs to move to other locations. Students only see select information in Site Info, such as site URL, site contact and email, LaTeX status, and site description.


      The "Overview" tool already displays the "Site Description." This request asks for the site URL, contact.email, and LaTeX status to be added to the Overview tool. For example, add a "Details" button next to the "Link" and "Help" buttons in the "Welcome" panel. Clicking this button would popup a window to display the URL, contact name and email, and LaTeX status.


      • The "Link" button that already exists in the "Welcome" panel of the "Overview" tool points to the direct tool in the site, not the base URL of the site. This is the reason why I am including the site URL in this Details button.
      • I proposed the name for the new button as "Details," but it can also be "Site Info" or "Info" if people want nostalgia. I thought a change might be nice, and it might also avoid confusion across different versions of Sakai. I'm completely open to whatever name or even interface option is best to present this site detail.

      Based on feedback, adding details on design ideas below...

      DESIGN IDEA 1:

      • This adds a new button called "Details" into the "Welcome" panel's heading bar, near the existing "Link" and "Help" buttons.
      • Clicking the "Details" button opens the same style of window as clicking the "Link" button. This window displays the desired participant-related site information display details from "Site Info" (e.g. Site URL, contact details). The original image included the "LaTeX" status, but feedback suggests that this detail may not be relevant to standard users (e.g. student or access users).

      DESIGN IDEA 2:

      • This option adds a collapse/expand icon to the right of the "Welcome" panel's heading bar (e.g. a double chevron up/down icon).
      • When clicked, the information drawer expands/opens to display the additional site details that are participant-related (e.g. Site URL and contact details).  When clicked again, the information drawer collapses/closes.
      • The images of the design (3_overview_details_chevron-collapsed.png and 4_overview_details_chevron-expended.png) currently display Site URL and site contact (owner name and email). This drawer of information could easily display additional content, such as short description or LaTeX status.
      • By having the state "collapsed" by default, it would reduce information overload or clutter on the page.

      DESIGN IDEA 3:

      • A twist on Design Idea 2, this suggestion would place the expand/collapse interface icon at the very bottom of the "Welcome" panel. Essentially, place a footer bar at the bottom of the panel, below any site description content. This would place the expand/collapse drawer of additional site content at the very bottom of the "Wecome" panel.
      • This approach keeps the focus on the full site description and tries to keep UI/UX standards consistent for the synoptic tool heading bars ("Link" and "Help" buttons only).
      • By having the state "collapsed" by default, it would also reduce information overload or clutter on the page.

      DESIGN IDEA 4:

      • This option would create a new synoptic tool panel for the "Overview" tool that focuses on the site information display details for standard site users. 
      • Since the "Welcome" panel (formerly known as "Site Information Display") currently displays the full site description, then this new panel could display the additional details, such as Site URL, site owner, etc. For example, a comment suggested adding the site's short description.
      • This approach/module/content could potentially be re-purposed by Lessons to place student-relevant "Site Info" details within Lessons. The use-case here is that an instructor may want to use "Lessons" as the primary site content pathway, and plans to disable/hide the "Overview" tool within the site design.
      • As a separate panel, it would take up more screen real estate, and unless the state of the panel is collapsed by default, it may add to information overload or "clutter" on the page. Ideally, the panel would display below the "Welcome" panel (on the left of Overview) rather than adding to the right panels (e.g. Announcements, Calendar, Message Center, Chat, etc.).

      Open to adding additional design ideas, too...

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