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Associated GB Item to assignment does not stay associated and is not updated in GB



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      This is the minimal steps to reproduce.

      1. Create a Gradebook item and fill in Points Value for the setup.
      2. Create an Assignment, any kind. Fill in points to match Gradebook. Associate assignment with existing gradebook item created in step 1. Post.
      3. Edit the Assignment and notice the setting to Associate with existing Gradebook item is not selected. "Do not add assignment to Gradebook" is selected (default setting).

      The problem is that the associated gradebook is not saved after associated. If you select "Add Gradebook" it does associated it, but after saving it removes the association.

      The further description below is the original problem which may not be an issue if this association one is resolved.

      1. # Create a GB item. Fill in points.
      2. Create a "Non-Electronic" Type Assignment (any type of assignment will have the same results)
        a) Fill in points and date with the same ones from the GB item
        b). Set the time to past so it can be posted "Open"
        c). Associate this Assignment with the GB item created in step #1
        d). "Post"
      3. Now start grading. Find the assignment you just created and click "Grade." 
      4. Click the first students' name link in the list (make sure you have a few students in your site, of course). Enter a point value. Click "Next" to forward to the next student to grade (and to save the point value).
      5. When finished, click "return to list" button to see list of student submissions. Click "Release Grades."

      Expected Results: Grades entered through the Assignments tool, when that Assignment is associated with a pre-existing GB item, will have their values present in GB as soon as you select "release grades."

      Actual Results: No grade is visible in the GB column.

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